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Expectations vs. Reality of my first driving lesson

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Ella Moger

May 28, 2019

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Before hopping into the car on your first driving lesson, it’s natural to have expectations on how it will go. But do those expectations always live up to reality? We’ve spoken to Ella before and after her first lesson to find out if it all goes to plan!

Before the first lesson

The first lesson is almost here – how’re you feeling?

I’m so excited! I know that I should probably be more nervous than excited, I honestly can’t wait to get behind the wheel! I’ve had a lot of driving experience before this, whether it’s been track driving at Rockingham, or going off-roading, so I’m quietly confident that the lesson will go well as I think I know more than maybe most learners when they get into the car for the first time.

How much do you think you’ll be able to achieve in your first lesson?

I’ve been thinking about that actually, and I feel like I’m probably going to jump straight in and get going. I know that there are lots I still need to learn of course, but I know the basics so hopefully (fingers crossed) I should be good to go!

Have you met your instructor yet?

Nope – but that doesn’t bother me too much. He has been highly recommended to me and helped people I know pass so I think it will be fine. I just hope we get on because at the end of the day if I don’t feel comfortable I won’t progress, but I’m not too worried about that right now.

Have you read any advice blogs or articles in the lead up to your first lesson?

I’ve read a few bits of driving advice which has helped me to know what may happen in my first lesson, but I also know that they’ll all likely be different depending on the experience of the learner so I’m really just excited to see what it has in store for me!


After the lesson

Ok, the first lesson is all done! Congratulations, how did it go?

Thank you! It actually went really well, I enjoyed it a lot. My instructor is lovely and super helpful which is great.

What did you learn in your first lesson?

As well as the standard cockpit drills and mirror checks etc, I also managed to get out and drive onto country roads which was pretty cool, however, it dawned on me pretty quickly that whilst I knew how to get the car moving, driving on public roads was a different ball game.

Did it live up to expectations?

Hmmm – not quite, at first at least. I think I was a bit overconfident before heading into the lesson and I expected to be able to get in the car and drive off straight away, but there’s a lot of things I still don’t know. I didn’t know how much I had to be aware of, especially with other cars, pedestrians, cyclists etc. When I’ve driven before, I’ve not had to worry about indicating or checking my blind spots etc – that has been a big learning curve for me that I’ll need to do some work on.

What are your plans going forward?

I scheduled in my next lesson straight away, and I’m going to head out for private driving practice as soon as I can with my Dad – I’m sure you’ll hear all about it!

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Ella Moger profile

By Ella Moger

'I'm so excited to be sharing my driving journey with you - from pre lessons at 16 to getting behind the wheel and out on the roads!'  See more posts by Ella

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