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November 14, 2017

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Bay parking involves 2 manoeuvres, either a forward or reverse bay park. Here, we go through how to park forward into a bay and reverse back out of it.

What is the examiner looking for?

  1. Control – keep the vehicle slow, and control the speed
  2. Accuracy – keep within the lines of the bay
  3. Observation – be aware of everything that is happening around you and act accordingly


  1. You cannot drive through the first parking pay, to one in front of that.
  2. When reversing, you must not reverse into any bays behind you.
  3. You can make corrections if you need to. If you enter the bay but feel like you’re too close to the lines/other vehicles, you may reverse out and start again.

Step by step – forward bay parking

Make sure you are following the MSM routine throughout this manoeuvre. Keep checking those mirrors!

  1. Give yourself a wide turning circle by safely pulling as far across the side away from your target bay, as possible.
  2. Show your intentions; check your rear view and door mirrors, then signal
  3. When your reference point appears just under your door mirror, stop the car. Take a final look in your mirror and blind spot and if all is clear, very slowly move off whilst quickly putting on full lock in the direction you’re aiming for
  4. As you enter the bay, straighten up your steering wheel when your dashboard is in line with the horizon
  5. Your reference point to stop is when the end kerb or line comes just under your door mirror. When the kerb reaches this point, select neutral and put the handbrake on.

As long as you’ve got room to get the car in and out (and don’t approach it like this) then you should be fine 😉

Step by step – reversing out of the bay

  1. Select the reverse gear
  2. Check the road you’re reversing into as much as you can. If all is clear, begin reversing slowly
  3. Continue to reverse straight until you reach the reference point; when your door mirrors are in line with the top of the bay park lines
  4. Turn the steering wheel either half left or half right (depending on which way you are going). As you begin to turn the wheel, the front end of the car will swing out, so you need to make sure you’re also checking you don’t hit any parked vehicles around you
  5. Put your full lock on, and continue reversing until you know you have enough space to move off. Once you know you have enough space, stop the car
  6. Before pulling off, remember to check your blind stops and when you’re happy that it’s clear – select first gear and pull away.

And you’re done!

Don’t forget to keep breathing, take things slow and steady, and don’t panic!

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