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Brogan Lawrence

January 17, 2020

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After a few months of driving lessons and private practice, it’s finally time for me to book my theory test! I made a slight faux pas in not completing my theory test sooner and because of this, I’ve got to wait a little longer to book my practical test (you need to pass your theory test before you can book your practical test!) Anyway, I had my theory test booked for the 8th January because I had a couple of days off work beforehand to really prepare for it.

Theory test revision

I was conflicted on how long to spend preparing and revising for my theory test. I searched online for the answer; some people spent weeks revising and others spent a few hours. Whilst I’d picked up a bit of knowledge in my driving lessons and private practice, I hadn’t sat down to revise until now, and this meant I kind of struggled. Another issue I had was that I am the king of procrastination, which meant my weekend of ‘nothing but revision’ soon went away, and I hadn’t started. I was receiving quite a lot of stick from my Dad for this, and I realised I had just missed a great opportunity. I now had two days before my theory test and I’d done little to no revision at all. The thought that I may fail and have to delay my practical test even further set in. Add in the idea that I may have to spend even more money on lessons – and I was determined to focus and pass!


After I finished work on Tuesday, I began revising. I found the best way for me to revise was through theory test mock tests and these are easily found online. In the real thing, you need 43 out of 50 to pass – I was averaging around 30 in my first few attempts, so it was evident I had a lot of work to do. I decided that when I finished a mock test, I’d make note of the questions I didn’t get right and ensure that I knew them for the next time around.

The day of my theory test

Suddenly the day then came for my theory test *enter panic mode*. Luckily, I’d booked it for 3 pm so I had the morning to revise too, which involved doing more mock theory tests online. By this point, I was consistently achieving a score of around 40, just shy of the 43 pass mark (by the time of my theory test I had completed probably 50 odd tests online and only scored 43 once!) I also did 4 mock hazard perception tests, but I found these pretty easy and passed everyone I did. In total, I spent probably about 8-10 hours revising.


I got the bus into town for my theory test and scanned the highway code on the way for last-minute prep. At this point, the red triangle signs started to all blur into one but I felt ready to give it a go, which is good because… well I had to!

I finally got to the test centre and I have to say I found the whole experience pretty daunting. I walked inside and was given a sheet of instructions and a locker key, I also had to prove to the lady my phone was switched off. Then in a prison-like manner I was instructed to put all my possessions into the locker, read a set of rules and report back to the lady when ready. As you would expect it was all very strict and under exam-like conditions. When I was ready to start the test, I was escorted down to another lady who was sat in front of 8 monitors with CCTV cameras on them. See what I mean by serious? I was then searched had my pockets checked, told to roll my sleeves up and even shake my hood. I was then taken into another room, sat down and began the multiple-choice test.

The test itself

One function I used during the test was the ability to flag questions. I flagged the questions where I was unsure on my answer, so if I had time at the end (luckily, I did) I could go back and make sure I was happy. Thanks to my revision I knew a lot of the questions – the ones I didn’t know, I took an educated guess. After the multiple-choice part of the test, it took me on to hazard perception which I actually really enjoyed doing. Everything seemed straight forward and before I knew it, I’d finished! – commence result time!


The result

After I finished, I exited the room, retrieved my possessions and was given a piece of paper with my results on it. I waited to leave the building to look at my results. I put all my stuff down on a bench outside to sort myself out then I accidentally saw the word ‘congratulations’. At that point, I couldn’t help myself but opened it up to find that I had passed my theory test! I somehow scrambled 44 out of 50 on the multiple-choice test (43 needed to pass) and 49 out of a possible 75 on the hazard perception test (44 needed to pass). I was ecstatic! I punched the air then called my Dad to tell him the good news.

Even though I passed, I wouldn’t recommend leaving revision until the last minute – it just added on extra stress I could probably have done without. Now I’ve passed, I can book in my practical driving test! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Brogan Lawrence profile

By Brogan Lawrence

'My name’s Brogan and I’m 18. I was learning how to drive when I ran out of money for lessons last year. Six months later and I am now ready to continue learning again, pass my test and not have to rely on busses, bikes or my ‘taxi-dad’ for lifts everywhere!'  See more posts by Brogan

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