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What drove me to that epic fail is just shocking

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Chelsey Gibson

February 25, 2016

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Hi! I’m Chelsey, as you may have read from my introduction page I was previously learning to drive over two years ago, yet annoyingly I failed my first practical test! After many journeys using public transport, getting fed up with not being in control and a major lack of confidence – I have decided it’s about time to get back behind the wheel and go get that licence!

In ‘Theory’ it’s all about the preparation

In 2013 not long after my 17th birthday I easily passed my theory test first time – after two years, this does expire! So take a leaf out of my book and don’t leave it as long as I did because now have to re-sit (and revise) for my theory AGAIN.

Revising for my theory test wasn’t too hard, I started revision just before my birthday in late May which to my surprise I found a breeze. It was all about the preparation and ensuring I had covered every single aspect of the Highway Code until I knew it backwards (I’m not saying you have to download all the theory apps available but it does help in a big way!) I used the Driving Test Success PC discs to help me revise when I first took my theory, I also used an app religiously on my phone. With the app I could do some questions when I was on go, whether it be on public transport or just sitting at home. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the app so this time I have downloaded “Theory Test UK” which I am sure is available on iPhone and Android – this did cost me £2.79 but it seems okay and I will review it once I have used it more. It’s the same cost as my McDonald’s orders at lunch so I will miss out this week! But if like me, you worry about exams try not to! All the answers are within the apps and discs – just make sure you put some time aside to learn them as best you can.

The pressure and nerves driving me to distraction

When the time had come and my first driving lesson was approaching, I felt at ease and I feel this is mainly down to having already passed my theory. At the time it helped me understand and be able to clearly read road signs, markings and other driver’s signals.

Getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time was such a strange feeling! After years of racing my sister to ensure I got to sit in the front, I was actually the one about to sit in the driving seat! Before your first lesson, it’s always worth taking an experienced driver out to their car with you and just sitting in it (engine off, obviously!) just so you can get to know your way around the car before attempting to drive it. I felt this helped me and I didn’t feel so lost when I took my first lesson. I’d say in total I had around 25 lessons and this is mainly down to my confidence! I was so worried I wasn’t going to be good enough and I didn’t feel prepared – despite my instructor at the time encouraging me and ensuring me that I was ready for my test. A major point is to not take your test if you don’t feel ready, the more pressure you’re under the more likely you are to get nervous and be distracted on the road:

You really would not believe what I did next

I feel it is now my time to confess! As I’ve made everyone aware I did fail my first test. It was only with 4 minors and of course one massive, embarrassing and still to this day STUPID thing to do! Regardless of the fact I stalled on my emergency stop I still felt confident I was going to pass my test and I guess I let it get to my head and I lost concentration of what I was doing and actually where I was (never a good idea – trust me!). At the traffic lights, I felt the all too familiar notification come through on my phone, I don’t know where it came from but I must have had the devil on my shoulder saying “go on, check it the lights are red”, which I decided to do! The look on my examiners face was the kind of thing I still see now if I close my eyes hard enough. Checking your phone on the road is never and will never ever be the right thing to do, not just for your safety but for those in the car and around you.

Wish me luck!

I’ve got my theory test re-booked for in a couple of weeks’ time, so I’ll be keeping you all updated with hopefully a success story!

Chelsey with her puppy and her L plate

Just in case you were wondering who this little puppy is, it’s Indy! He’s the newest addition to the family and is helping to get me motivated (all he does is ask to go to the beach: honestly!)

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Chelsey Gibson profile

By Chelsey Gibson

'Hi! I'm Chelsey! I started my driving lessons when I turned 17 but failed my first test, so it was two more dreaded years of public transport for me! I'm now ready to get back behind the wheel and re-gain the confidence I once had when I was learning. I can't wait to share my past and future experience with you all, I can't promise it will be a smooth ride but I'll definitely be sharing my enthusiasm in every single one.'  See more posts by Chelsey

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