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Practicle test Bobby Hopkinson

The big day finally came for Bobby!

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Bobby Hopkinson

April 3, 2017

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I am now the owner of a full driving licence! I am so excited to get on the road, and use all my months of learning, to drive in the real world.

I couldn’t believe it when the day finally came along for me to take my test, I didn’t get any sleep the night before. I had been pretty good at keeping the date a secret – only telling my girlfriend Katie, and my parents, and sisters. To be honest, not telling people did take the pressure off so I am glad I did it that way. Still, the endless questions from my mates wore a little thin after a while!

I was so anxious and wanted to pass more than anything

In the weeks leading up to the test, I’d felt sick to the stomach whenever I thought about it. Although I felt ready, there are so many things that could go wrong, I kind of made that my focus rather than concentrating on all the good stuff I could do behind the wheel – not something I would recommend.

I had a serious talk to myself. I wanted to pass my test more than anything – it was a big deal but at the same time I reminded myself it was hardly a life or death situation, but oddly it feels so important!

The most nervous part of the whole experience was sitting with my instructor and waiting for the examiner to call my name. Once we started walking over to the car, I felt a weird sense of calm.

There were a few times I felt I’d made mistakes and some things happened which threw me, and when it took me more than three turns in the road I was panicked but I knew I had tried my best, and it was a tight spot.

I think the worse thing was questioning every signal, turn, look in the mirror, etc. You’re so aware that you’re being watched that you start to doubt yourself. Looking back, I can see that is not helpful – I booked my test in because I knew I was ready, and my instructor Bob, had recommended that I do so. You need to keep a cool head, you’re only human and no one takes the perfect test!

I knew life was about to change as soon as I heard those words

When we pulled into the test centre car park the examiner said: “So congratulations you have passed your test” I was so shocked! It was the best feeling and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face all day!


It was great calling Katie and my family to tell them the news but sadly the celebrations were short lived as I had to head back to school for lessons in the afternoon! Still, I sent a few texts and shared the news sneakily.

I really can’t thank my instructor enough. He was great to learn from and has definitely been a big part of the reason why I feel confident as a driver.

Plus, I managed to book my test two days before my 18thbirthday so that week was up there with one of the best weeks I have had.

I am now waiting for my new car, I am opting for Marmalade’s Cars for Young Drivers, as this means I get a brand new car with a black box and free insurance! I cannot wait to get driving and enjoy the freedom!

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Bobby Hopkinson profile

By Bobby Hopkinson

'My name is Bobby I am 18, I passed my text just before my 18th birthday. I am still in sixth form and enjoying the new found freedom of driving myself to my girlfriends house, the rugby club and the gym!'  See more posts by Bobby

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