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Anna Johnson

December 28, 2018

Driving test Young driver stories 4 min read

One of the most exciting things that can happen is when you pass your driving test, right? Recently, this life-changing moment happened to me, and I wanted to share with you all how it went and how I am getting on now as a fully-fledged driver!

When it comes to tests, whether it’s school or driving – I’m naturally a worrier. This made the driving test pretty difficult on the nerves side of things. And let’s face it, the driving test is nothing like sitting you’re A-Levels! You also can’t ‘revise’ as much as the driving test as I personally feel it combines luck and skill, in regards to:

  1. The other drivers on the road
  2. The set route and manoeuvre you’ll be given
  3. Whether you’ll let the nerves get the better of you

All this aside, when it came to my test, I was lucky enough to get a pleasant route that I had been on before – a nice drive in the countryside – and arguably a lovely manoeuvre, a forward bay park (one of my favourites!) The examiner I had made me feel relaxed and what was my driving test, suddenly turned into a chat about my future job. All the panic that I felt was certainly not worth it in the grand scheme of things. I only drove for about 35 minutes which is crazy, I’ve driven with my mum for longer durations than that!


Now looking back at my pre-test days, I would tell myself and others who are about to take their tests not to get so worked up over it, it’s not a test that determines your whole life, you can take the driving test as many times as are needed. Additionally, if you are reading this and have failed a test – don’t worry! Work on the faults you were given, and give it another go! There is no stopping you.

Freedom tastes sweet

Since passing I have driven numerous times. It’s the best feeling being able to drive unassisted, listening to any music I like! The weekend after I passed my test, I took a trip to the local shopping centre. It was a weird but great feeling knowing that we could stay there for as long as we wanted, and didn’t have to worry about a bus schedule to get us home again! I was in control, and I was loving it. The freedom of driving is amazing, although somehow I’ve also become a taxi service for my boyfriend… who said young love is dead?


Private practice was a superb tool, I would recommend it to all young drivers! Not only did it build up my confidence, but it also gave me the opportunity to practice my general driving outside of lessons. Looking back on my pre – Vauxhall Adam days, I don’t know how I ever coped without it. Having my car and Marmalade Insurance enabled me to practice 24/7, and ultimately get me that first-time pass.

If I were to give learner drivers three pieces of advice, I would say:

  1. Don’t let your mistakes made in lessons get you down, because it is better to make mistakes in the lessons rather than in the test when it is too late, or even when you’re driving around on your own after you’ve passed.
  2. Stay calm and collected when it comes to your test. It’ll be over before you know it!
  3. Any extra practice, whether it be in your parent’s car or your own, is good practice. Real life driving is key!

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Anna Johnson profile

By Anna Johnson

'I'm the lucky winner of the competition to win a Vauxhall Adam! I'm currently doing my A-levels so having a car will give me a well-needed break from revision. I can't wait to practice driving in my new car!'  See more posts by Anna

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