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2nd driving test attempt - Lee's story

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January 31, 2018

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We love hearing and sharing driving successes! Here is Lees story. He’s just passed his driving test after his second attempt!

You’ve passed your test – congratulations! How does it feel to have this new found freedom?

It’s a relief to have finally passed! Where the freedom is concerned, I haven’t gotten a lot of that yet. I still need to find the right car and insurance before I can get out on the road – but it’s exciting that I’m now in a position to do that!

Did the test go as you expected?

It went so much better than I expected, I mean I passed after all! This was my second attempt at my driving test so I was worried I would fail again. The nerves in the morning before the test were getting the better of me, and I was worried this would really affect how the test went. My last test was in November and I hadn’t been behind the wheel from then until now – not ideal! I think that probably made me more nervous.

Wow – you hadn’t driven since November! Why did you take such a long break?

It wasn’t planned really. My driving instructor would get booked up really quickly, and I was finding it hard to fit lessons in around work and day to day life. I did rebook my test straight away after I had failed, and it was set for the 4th of December. I was all set to go for then until I heard about the strikes taking place on that day! I knew there was a chance it wouldn’t have affected me but I didn’t want to risk it, so decided to reschedule for January.

Were you expecting to pass?

Honestly? No! I hadn’t driven in such a long time I was worried I would have forgotten how to do certain things. Luckily, I learned everything that was needed for the new test format back in November just in case. I definitely should have had some refresher lessons or private practice because even though I knew what to do, it may have helped my nerves.


What mistakes did you make last time, which stopped you from passing?

Last time I wasn’t aware that I had failed until I got the news at the end of the test. Normally, I think you know when you’ve done something wrong so it came as a complete shock! I was making a right turn and turned slightly too early so my front and back right wheels crossed over on the other side of the road. I wasn’t aware that I had done this, and had no idea it was an automatic fail. Needless to say, I was disappointed when I got back to the test centre because I thought I’d smashed it! That being said, I’m glad it was picked up on, otherwise, I would have been doing it all the time with a full licence and that’s a dangerous and scary thought.

Also in my first test, I was given a minor for my observations. This was frustrating, and although it wasn’t the reason I didn’t pass, I knew I hadn’t made them obvious enough to make sure my examiner saw. I should have focused on this in my next test but I was so worried about making another silly mistake like my last automatic fail, that I got another minor for my observations. It is so important that you demonstrate good observation throughout your test, so you don’t get a minor like me!

Are you on the hunt for a car now- what do you have in mind?

Definitely! I’m on the lookout for a car now, just waiting for something to stand out. I’ve been speaking to friends for their recommendations and looking for good deals. Now I’ve passed, it means I can take different cars for test drives so this will definitely help in making my decision.

What will be your first trip when you get your car?

Hmm, that is a tough one – although I’m sure it will include myself and a few friends. They’ve been taking me on road trips and driving me around for years so I think it’s time to return the favour!


What advice would you give other drivers who failed their first test?

Try and not let it knock your confidence, and just keep practising! At first, looking back at what I had failed on was frustrating – because they were little things that I knew how to do! Eventually, I started learning from these and worked on them as best as I could.

After not being behind the wheel in 2 months, Lee managed to take his second test and pass! Did it take you more than one attempt to pass your test? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Head over to our Facebook page now, and let us know your story.

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