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Tips for passing your driving test

Tips for passing your driving test

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August 5, 2016

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You’ve learnt your road signs, nailed your manoeuvres and finally established the accelerator is NOT the same as the brake pedal! Sounds like you’re soon going to be ready for your driving test! We’ve put together a handy list of tips, for getting ready and finally passing your driving test!

If you’re still “getting to grips” with the road and not started your lessons yet, don’t worry! These tips are designed for you as well! The test will be here soon enough for us all!

1. When should I book my driving test?

The first big question as you near the practical test is when to book it. Our advice would be to speak to your instructor and let them know you’re thinking about booking – they’ll tell you if they think you’re ready! It’s also worth remembering that often, you won’t be able to get a test slot for at least a month, so there’s no harm in being prepared.

2. Does the time I book my driving test matter?

This is a good question, and one that gets asked a lot. When it comes to booking your test, you’ll see options for the time of day you’d like it, and it’s worth considering the conditions of each time. For instance – early morning slots may mean you’re stuck in rush hour traffic which is bound to test your clutch control.

Also remember that if you’re planning on using your instructor’s car in your test, you’ll have to work your test around their availability too. If not, why not consider using your own car?

Tip: If you know you’re not an early bird, it also makes sense to avoid booking in your test at an early slot – you want to be fully awake and raring to go for your test!

3. Try and get an idea of the routes you could be tested on

In the lessons up to your test, ask your instructor to take you on some familiar test routes. That way, if you’re lucky enough to bag one of these in your test, you’ll know you can do it because you’ve done it before! Although you may not know exactly where you’ll be going for the whole test (who knows what the examiner will key into that pesky little sat nav) getting an idea of what might pop up can help.

4. Stay away from drugs!

And if you’re on medication or tablets – check out the directions and side effects as it could affect your concentration and driving. It’s probably best to postpone your lessons or test until after you’ve finished the medication to make sure you’ve got full control of the car!

5. It’s not a race

It’s easy to let the nerves get the better of you in your test, and often learners can rush through the manoeuvres they’re asked to perform, but this can be a big downfall. The examiner is looking for how you control the car – so rushing through a parallel park like a mad man, or reversing in to a parking space with no control isn’t going to help. Take your time, keep your concentration and if you don’t get it right at first, just try again. Remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day!

6. Don’t dress to impress

Choose flat shoes and suitable attire that’s not going to make you feel hot or flustered, or imminently leave you sat there shivering because your hands are too cold to put the car in gear! Your 7-inch heels probably ought to be kept for a Friday night out…

7. Calm the truck down!

You’ll probably be quite nervous on test day – it’s completely natural. Finding therapeutic things to do the night before such as reading, yoga or chilling with friends can really help to keep the nerves at bay and take your mind off the pressure of the test.

8. Don’t worry – you’re not going to die

Try your best to stay positive and calm! You can always take your test again if you fail – remember the majority of people don’t pass the first time! Think of it as an experience and an opportunity to improve on the parts of the test that stopped you from passing.

Tip: Try to think of your driving test as simply driving a friend home. They’re just telling you where to go!

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