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Owen Nutkins

December 1, 2017

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When the new driving test was announced I wasn’t worried at all – I felt I was almost ready to take the test! But I was off travelling a lot between my lessons, so I had a much longer learning time than the usual student. Because of this, I was coming down to a few months before the changes were to take place.

Almost ready?

I was going away again in October, and at this stage, I felt at least 85% ready to take my driving test; so I wanted to book it. What I misjudged was that all the bookings for November were taken up, so I got moved into December. Luckily there were a few days still free, so I contacted my instructor and we booked it in for the 15th.

Practise, practise, practise

After coming back from my travels, I knew it was the time where the extra practice was 100% needed, and full attention had to be given. Of course, I could have moved my test date forward if someone dropped out but what I realised, was that it gave me a more realistic target; there’s no point moving something forward if you’re not actually ready.

The changes were now altering the course of my practice, and at first, I was a little worried that it had made it too challenging. After researching and talking to my instructor about what is changing, I actually feel they’ve made it a lot more realistic to day-to-day driving, but at the same time still a challenge.

What’s new, what’s staying the same?

Some of the manoeuvres are coming out, so from December 4th learners will have to perform one of the following manoeuvres during their test (which will be chosen by the examiner!):

4 out of 5 people will also have to follow a sat nav during the independent driving part of the test – which seems fair enough! Saying this, I’m only about 90% ready for my test, with finding reverse bay park still a little tricky.

How I feel about the driving test changes

The annoying part was that all the hours I spent practising everything else feels almost like a waste. Yes, I know how to do them I might need to do them once I pass, but knowing it won’t matter or take place in the test sort of sucks. I guess that’s something that those of us taking the new test just have to deal with!

Owen Nutkins profile

By Owen Nutkins

'I'm a filmmaker and photographer from the UK. I've recently started taking driving lessons and I feel it would be great to write about my personal experiences, and be able to share advice to others whilst I prepare myself for my driving test. I've recently started taking driving lessons and I feel it would be great to write about my personal experiences, and be able to share advice to others whilst I prepare myself for my driving test.'  See more posts by Owen

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