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Impact of Coronavirus on my driving lessons and test

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Brogan Lawrence

April 2, 2020

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In the last couple of weeks, there have been fast-moving developments in terms of the current global health crisis, known as Coronavirus (or COVID 19). Of course, this virus is having a huge impact on our daily lives. Schools have shut, holidays are being cancelled and people are weirdly bulk buying a lot of toilet roll and hand sanitizer.  As well as all that, Coronavirus is also impacting my driving lessons and test scheduled for March 30th. When I say impacting – since writing this blog originally, I have found out that my driving test has been cancelled. I’m gutted – but here to talk you through how I’m manging going forward and how I plan to keep learning until everything goes back to normal and I can take my driving test as I’ve been preparing for.

My last driving lesson

I had my most recent driving lesson just before it was announced they should be stopped when everything was still normal-ish, and I’m pleased to report I drove with more or less no mistakes. The roads were a lot quieter than normal – perhaps this was understandable with so many people working from home and social distancing. At this point, I was still clinging onto the hope that my test would go ahead. I’ve worked really hard over the last few months to get here, so I was keeping everything crossed that my test would go ahead because I knew I was ready to take it! My driving instructor told me on my lesson that we would continue as normal with lessons for now until more government advice came our way. I didn’t expect the announcement to come as quickly as it did after this driving lesson though…


My driving test has been cancelled

Test centres up and down the country have started to close, with driving tests being postponed for up to 3 months – including my test. I’m gutted but it’s understandable and we all have to respect this decision. I’ll be social distancing myself as much as possible and of course, won’t have any more driving lessons with my instructor until things are back to normal. During this time (and so I don’t forget how to drive completely) I will probably look to take Learner Driver Insurance if the restrictions are eased so I can keep up the driving practice until my test comes around again.

My dad is quite hot on following by the letter the government advice on Coronavirus – and is making sure I am too. I’ve never washed my hands so much in my life (Yep, for 20 seconds with hot water and soap, and often using hand sanitisers as well.) Of course, this situation is changing rapidly, so on a daily basis I’m keeping an eye on things with my fingers crossed that the tests will start up again sooner. I’m also keeping an eye on my emails as I have had a test booked, I’m being kept informed that way too. If you want to sign up to news emails about this too – you can do it here:

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By Brogan Lawrence

'My name’s Brogan and I’m 18. I was learning how to drive when I ran out of money for lessons last year. Six months later and I am now ready to continue learning again, pass my test and not have to rely on busses, bikes or my ‘taxi-dad’ for lifts everywhere!'  See more posts by Brogan

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