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Top 10 gadgets to bond up your car this christmas

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Holly West-Robinson

December 3, 2015

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It’s that time again! Christmas is just around the corner and although you’re probably not going to get a car this cool looking, we have made a nice list of car gadgets specifically for young drivers on how to ‘Bond’ up your motor a bit this year!

Wiper Wizard Blade Restorer

Hand grasping windscreen wiper and wiper genie restorer

Price from £1.99

It’s the worst possible time of year to have a dirty, smeared windscreen! With all the grit flicking up off the road, sometimes your wipers don’t help the situation at all and it can actually be quite intimidating not having a clear view of what’s in front of you! At just under £13 you can now transform your old wipers into fresh, high performing allies against the wintery weather. No more streaking and the best part is they’re re-usable too!

Traffic Light Alcohol Tester

White traffic controlled alcohol tester on white background

Price from £17.95

Lets’ face it one of the best parts of Christmas is the excuse to get as sloshed as the sleet on the roads! But the last thing you want is to cause an accident or to be pulled over by the police the morning after your staff party because you’re still half cut. Then face a court sentence for drunk driving when it turns out you’re still over the limit from the night before! If you blow and it’s green – you’re pretty much clean, if you blow and it’s red – order a taxi instead ?

RAC Dashcam

RAC digital car cam with and without box on white background

Price from £59.99

The dashcam has become a very popular product for cars in the last 5 years. Drivers are able to capture every moment on the road which especially comes in handy if you need to provide evidence for a claim. Unfortunately despite all the festive cheer, Christmas is also a time when there’s a much higher risk of accidents. Investing in one of these could be the difference between being a couple of hundred quid out of pocket from buying a few presents, or being landed with thousands of £’s of repairs because you’ve had a collision with another driver!

Windscreen De-mister

Coopers of Stortford de-mister placed in front of a windscreen

Price from £12.00

We did a blog last month based around things to check on your car this winter and de-frosting the windscreen was a big focus! Waiting for the ice to melt from the outside of the windscreen is one thing, but waiting for poxy steam to clear when you’re nearly late for work is another! You may be tempted to wipe it away with the cuff of your sleeve but this just leaves streaks and is a pain to clean when you eventually get round to it! This piece of ingenious kit simply plugs into your cigarette lighter and will have your screen crystal clear in a couple of minutes!

Pioneer MVH-270DAB mechless DAB digital radio media reciever USB/AUX input

Price from £49.95

Listening to music can be one of the most therapeutic activities when driving. Although most cars come with a factory fitted stereo these days they aren’t always necessarily the best or most powerful, and sometimes lack the features one like the above one would have! The Pioneer MVH-150UI comes complete with USB & AUX connectivity and is compatible with Android, IPhone, Smartphone and IPod. It’s swish LCD display screen allows you to see the full name of the track, artist, and album and it also has several different EQ settings to get that bass just how you like it (we’d recommend turning it right up if you plan on blasting out the 1D playlist though)

Hand held Car Vacuum

Halfords 12v mini vacuum car cleaner on white background

Price from £24.99

In our books this is probably the most useful item on the list. Although it may not really be seen as a gadget, the fact that it’s hand held, compact and far more convenient than dragging Henry up your driveway makes it one that any driver would be pleased to invest in. Suitable for dry cleaning, as well as wet cleaning, this 12V mini vacuum comes with a carpet brush, squeegee and crevice tool meaning you’ll be able to get into even the smallest of nooks and crannies!

Drop Stop

Seat gap filler product in original box on white background

Price from £13.00

Ok so how annoying is it when you spill half your MacDonald’s chips down the side of your seat? Not only are they impossible to ever retrieve but you then have to endure the slight odour of mouldy potato until you can afford to have your car valeted. With the all mighty �Drop Stop’ you can now kiss goodbye to furry chips and say hello to that loose change, whole packs of chewing gum and rogue hair pins that you thought you’d run out of! You can only get them from the USA but from around £13, you can’t go wrong and it’s definitely worth waiting the extra time for it to arrive.

Fuloon Car Travel Bed

Large inflatable yellow lido for car seat on white background

Price from £85.99

Now don’t let your eyes deceive you in thinking that this is just a mis-shapen lilo shoved on Amazon! It has actually been carefully crafted out of PVC and is designed to mould into the contours of your back seats to give that extra comfort! Suitable for pretty much any vehicle and complete with air pump, this is the bed of all beds when it comes to kipping in your motor! Plus no one likes a seat belt holder digging into their back when their trying to catch some zzz’s…

Streetwize 12v Reverse Camera Kit

Reverse parking navigator product on white background

Price from £149.99

So this is where our list starts to get that tad bit more expensive 😉 If you’re not the greatest at parallel parking or have a tendency to reverse into the occasional tree or wheelie bin, then this could be just what you need to assist you! The Streetwize Reverse Camera Kit is completely wireless, comes with a 3.5″ LCD screen with suction mounting and adjustment settings for brightness and contrast. Now you should be able to squeeze your backside into near enough any permitted car parking space!

NAVDY In car projector

Navdy sensory mobile projector on white background

Price from £225

Finally the last item on Santa’s list is The Big Lebowski! AKA this futuristic looking in car projector by! Compatible with both Android and IPhone, it is a hi-tech creation with a sensory projector that floats 2 metres in front of you into the road ahead, allowing you to control all of your phones functionality through a swipe of the hand! Works with Spotify & ITunes and also connects to Google Maps so if you receive any important calls, your navigation will not be effected. May be a little bit out of price range for most but we thought we should share what could potentially be a little slice of the future right here! 😀


So there’s a few suggestions of some pretty handy and effective accessories for your car to snap up this Christmas! Whether it be for yourself, a friend or family member, old driver or young driver – these are sure to make some good stocking fillers and more importantly, improve your experiences and time spent on the road!

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