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December 11, 2017

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When snow hits in the UK, general chaos ensues! Adverse weather can have a huge impact on your driving, so let’s look at what will happen when you need to break in snowy or frozen conditions.

Fresh Snow

The first thing to consider is how to even get your car moving in the first place! Fresh snow may look beautiful, but it can send your car into a (literal) spin as you try to pull away. Moving off in second gear and gently accelerating, will prove much more fruitful than revving your engine and spinning the wheels.

Once you are on the move, try to avoid braking as much as possible – now, we don’t mean just keep going no matter what! But you need to use your brakes very carefully to avoid losing control of the car. Allow lots of space between you and other vehicles, because when you do need to brake, your car won’t have as much grip and will, therefore, take longer to come to a stop.


Ice – especially black ice – can be very dangerous, and if you do find yourself slipping on some then don’t panic and don’t slam your foot on the brake.

The biggest thing to consider when driving in icy conditions is that your stopping distance can be up to ten times longer than in dry conditions, so allow 10x the space between you and other vehicles or road users.

Stay safe

Do you need to make a journey when it’s snowing or icy? If the answer is ‘No’, then don’t take the risk! If you do need to head out then be mindful of the fact that the sun is also likely to be low when it comes back out, lanes may not be as visible, and as always – you can’t control the actions of other road users! Keep your distance, accelerate and brake as gently as possible, and if you can afford winter tyres then investing on those could really help to give you a little extra grip in those tricky road conditions.

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