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December 6, 2017

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So, you’ve worked hard, passed your test, got a car, and now you’re out on the open road enjoying every bit of freedom your driving has given you! Until you find yourself broken down at the side of the road, with not a clue what to do or who to call! Breaking down can happen any time of year, but it is more common in the winter, so here are our top tips for keeping your car healthy, and coping in the event you do break down.

Did you know…?

Between December 2016 – February 2017, the majority of callouts that the RAC received were for a dead battery. The next biggest call out was for wheel changes, although only 1 wheel change occurred per 3 battery issue callouts.

Let’s face it, the weather around winter isn’t the best. It’s always either dark, raining, snowing, or icy (or a combination of the above) so you need to make sure your car is prepared to take you from A to B, which might mean giving your car a bit more love and attention during the winter months.


Top Tips:

Don’t run out of fuel!

Make sure you have enough fuel for your journey. You may find yourself caught in heavy traffic around the winter (everyone needs to get their Christmas shopping done 😉 ) so make sure you have plenty of fuel to get to you to where you need to go… and then a bit more!

Top up your coolant

Keep an eye on your engine coolant level, and make sure it is topped up with antifreeze! This will help you prevent a breakdown!

Check your lights

You don’t want to be driving down a long, dark road and suddenly have your lights fail on you. Replace any bulbs that are faulty or blown, and maybe keep spares in your car – just in case.

Keep your oil levels up

Avoid engine damage and a potential breakdown, and check your engine oil level. Although this is something you should be doing all year round, definitely keep an eye on it during winter.

Don’t forget your screenwash

Make sure your screen wash is effective in cold temperatures, and top it up regularly.

Check your tyres

Wheel changes make up a substantial number of breakdown callouts in the winter, so make sure your tyres are in tip top condition before you set off

Breakdown cover: Do I need it?

It’s fair to say that when you get your first car, you may not think about the need for breakdown cover. However, as the winter months draw closer, do you really want to be left out in the cold by the side of the road? If you’re not sure what you’d do if you break down – we think it’s probably worth getting!


What different types of cover are there, and what do I need?

When you purchase our New Driver Insurance on your own car, you can choose between two levels of breakdown cover to add to your policy.

  • Rescue, Recovery and at Home

This type of cover means, if you break down at the roadside, the RAC will fix it there and then, or tow you up to 10 miles to your local garage. You are also covered if your vehicle breaks down at home.

  • Rescue, Recovery, at Home and Onward Travel

This is the same cover as before, but as an extra, if you do break down then the RAC will take you and up to 8 passengers to a destination of your choice anywhere in the UK.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for the breakdown to happen before you wonder why you never had breakdown cover. Get it early, and have that peace of mind! If you’ve already got a New Driver Insurance policy, log into your account to add your breakdown cover now!

As mum always says, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

New Driver Insurance→

Get seamless cover before and after you pass your test on your own car!

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