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December 18, 2017

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Now obviously you are a brilliant driver, but there are some bad habits that can sneak in – some of them pretty annoying for other drivers! We’ve put together a list of the most annoying driving habits we have here in the UK. Are you guilty of any of these?

Driving too slowly

When you’re driving 20mph under the limit without there being a need to do so (such as heavy traffic or roadworks), this can be just as dangerous as speeding. Other road users will be expecting you to reach the speed limit when the road conditions allow you to, and it can even result in the police giving you a caution.

If you’ve just passed your test and you’re not super confident on the roads, then it’s a good idea to use those ‘P’ plates on your car. It will just make other drivers aware that you may need some extra time and space.

Use your indicators

Does anyone else find it completely infuriating when other road users don’t use their indicators!? According to our followers on Facebook, it’s one of the biggest bugbears people have! Not only is it a very annoying habit, but not using – or incorrect use of – your indicators can have serious consequences such as causing a crash. Let others know your intentions and save yourself from being involved in an accident!


Taking up two parking spaces

If you park and you’ve parked over in another space, it’s simple – move it.

Queuing for the ‘right’ pump

More often than not, petrol stations have extra-long hoses. You will rarely find you can’t fill up your car because the hose is not long enough (unless you’ve parked 10ft away from the pump). This means it does not matter which side you pick, just pick one that is clear!

Driving through puddles

Ok, so this one is for the pedestrians. We have all been victims at least once, of getting absolutely drenched because a car has decided to speed through a giant puddle right next to you. As hilarious as it actually is to watch, the joke is actually on the drivers. Splashing pedestrians falls under section three of the Road Traffic Act 1988, and if you’re getting splashed, they’re getting hit – often with a fine or penalty points.


Not saying thank you

Maybe this is just a particularly British annoyance, but when you give way to another car, or stop and let a pedestrian cross, it is completely infuriating when they don’t say thank you! Just a simple nod of the head, or a wave would do – instead, you find yourself muttering ‘you’re welcome’ to yourself as you drive away. Does anyone else have this as their pet peeve?


Using your phone

Taking your eyes off the road for a couple of seconds, whilst driving at 30mph means you will lose nearly 100ft of the road. That quick check of a text, or changing the song over can have life-changing consequences. The law has recently changed to combat phone use whilst driving. You will now get 6 points and a fine of £200 if you’re caught using your phone behind the wheel. Been driving for less than 2 years and decide to use your phone whilst driving? Too bad pal, you’ve lost your licence.


We recently posted the question over on our Facebook page “What are the worst driving habits you see out on the roads?” we got some great responses – but here’s one that we thought a lot of people would resonate with:

“I’m still a learner and what really annoys me is people driving close behind me when I am doing the speed limit. Do they want me to break the law or do they just not realise if I stopped suddenly for a child running into the road they’d crash into me and it would be their fault for not leaving a safe distance?
I wish people had to retake their test every 5 years or so, not saying people are bad intentionally just human to forget things.”

Learners have as much right to be on the road as everyone else. If you see an L plate, then keep your distance (as you should with any car). We all have to learn at some point!

The correct lane

Whilst being in the wrong lane can sometimes be down to confusion or not knowing the area you’re driving in, if you often find yourself in the wrong lane, you’re winding other people up! Read the road signs, and your sat nav to make sure you’re in the correct lane.

Parking spaces

It’s very annoying for everyone when you pull up in the supermarket car park to do your weekly shop, to find it’s packed full and the only space left seems 4 miles away from the shop! Unfortunately, there are some drivers who will use disabled or parent and child parking when they are not entitled to, causing a big problem for those who have priority in those spaces. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll only be a few minutes or you’re there to pick someone up if you’re not entitled to be in those parking spaces then keep out!

It’s a similar situation with parking over the lines – one car taking up two spaces just isn’t cool!


Most of these are annoyances rather than legal issues – but don’t forget that having adequate insurance is a legal requirement, which is why we’ve got cover for learners, students home for the holidays, and annual cover for you on your own car or a parent’s car.

Learner Driver Insurance→

Get short term cover on a friend or parent's car as a leaner, to help you get that magic pass!

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