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Cailyn Bendall

July 24, 2019

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Let’s face it, owning a car can be expensive – I bet you never paid attention to the price of fuel before paying for it yourself! With the ongoing fuel costs rising, here are a few ways you can save valuable pennies (literally) when filling up your tank.

Easy on the acceleration

It may be fun to put your foot down, but it will be costing you. Harsh accelerating means you could be using unnecessary fuel – which isn’t ideal if you’re on a fuel budget! Put simply, the more you accelerate, the more fuel you use.

Keep to higher gears

Driving in higher gears is another nifty way to save you fuel. Choosing a higher gear for your speed can minimise your fuel consumption as you won’t be revving the engine too hard. Of course, a higher gear generally means greater the speed, so be careful you don’t break the speed limit if you’re choosing the next gear up. Make sure to change your gears in good time and ensure you don’t reach the red line of your rev counter- this won’t save you fuel!


Regular maintenance and servicing

Your car needs some TLC to ensure it’s working at its best performance. Regular servicing and maintenance will improve your car’s efficiency, resulting in saving you more fuel! It’s important, regardless, so check your car manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation on servicing.

Keeping your tyres pumped up

Ensuring your tyre pressure is at what it should be, can save you a few extra pennies. Under-inflated tyres will use more of your fuel trying to slug around the car. Having tyres that are inflated to the correct tyre pressure means you’ll have smoother to drive and save money on fuel – it’s a win-win!

Reduce the weight in the car

This may not make a huge noticeable change, but it goes without saying, the heavier the car, the more fuel it will use. Keep your car as light as possible – don’t leave unnecessary and heavy things in your boot – it’s all extra weight to carry that could be making you use more fuel than you realise. 


Air conditioning

Believe it or not, your AC is affecting your fuel consumption – especially at lower speeds! Anything that requires engine power and battery will use fuel. Open your windows when travelling at lower speeds and save your AC for when you’re going faster. The same applies to your car heating as well.

Ditch your car… temporarily

The best way to save fuel is to not use your car, obviously! Now we’re not telling you to go everywhere on foot (because who wants to do that?!) but consider some alternatives. Car sharing is a great way to save fuel – one week you drive, and the next it’s someone else’s turn – sharing is caring!

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By Cailyn Bendall

'Learning to drive is an exciting journey! My name is Cailyn and I am a new learner myself. I have been driving for a few months as of May 2019 and I want to share my experiences with you. My aim is to pass my test before I go to university in 2020.'  See more posts by Cailyn

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