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December 11, 2017

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We think that black boxes get a rough ride thanks to misconceptions – they’re really very handy little things that can help to keep the roads safer, and drive down insurance costs.

Cheaper premiums for driving safely/correctly? Yes, please!

Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way: Telematics or black box insurance is a discreet box which lets your insurance provider see how you’re driving, by sending information to them via GPS. The black box measures lots of different things, including braking, cornering, speed, and acceleration.

Black box myths

“I can’t drive after 10 pm”

Not true! With our policies, you can drive any time you like. You will not be penalised for late night trips when you’re craving ice cream – we’ve all been there.


“I can barely drive any miles in a year”

Wrong again! Just like any insurance policy, you set your annual mileage when you take out the policy. The number of miles you set and then drive, is up to you!

“If I make a mistake, it’s going to cost me a fortune”

Not quite! All we want to do is help you to keep safe on the road. After all the hard work you put in to pass your test, it makes sense to keep ahold of your licence, so if you do make mistakes then we’ll talk through them with you to help you avoid them next time.

If you consistently drive unsafely, you could be subject to additional charges, but we really don’t want this to happen! We would rather you drive safe like we know you can 🙂

“I don’t want to be monitored by a black box, I can drive”

We don’t doubt at all that you’re a good driver (after all, you passed your test!) so what is the harm in keeping it that way, and making your insurance a bit cheaper in the process?

“I can’t drive until I’ve got the box in my car”

No, not necessarily – With our New Driver Insurance on your own car, you can drive near enough straight away! You’ve got 28 days to get the box fitted, so there is no waiting around to go for a spin.

If you’re taking out our annual policy on a family car, then you will have to wait for the box to be fitted – because we need to know when you’re driving the car as opposed to your parents, in order to cover you if you need to make a claim.

“Having a black box is embarrassing”

Black boxes have this nifty little feature of not being visible! They’re fitted discretely under your steering wheel so unless you tell someone, no one is going to know you’ve got one. However, if your insurance premium is cheaper than all of your friends’, and keeps going down at renewal because of your safe driving, we’re sure they’ll start asking why 😉


Myths busted!

Black boxes are there to simply encourage you to be a safe driver and are a proven tool to keep drivers safe and responsible on the road. They make it a lot easier and cheaper for young people to get insurance.

So the moral of the story is, all you need to do is drive safely, and you’ll save money. It really is that simple!

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Get annual cover before and after you pass your test on a parents car!

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