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December 15, 2017

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Oh, the dreaded P plates – everyone seems to hate them! But why…? You’ve finally passed your test and can get rid of the L plates, only to be presented with a green one instead. You don’t want people knowing you’re new on the road, or for them to think that you’re not as good a driver as them, so more often than not people ditch the P plates and head out without them.

They aren’t a legal requirement, so you don’t have to display them on your car, but we’ve put together some points that may make you change your mind, and want to put them on your car after all.

Warning other road users

P plates don’t mean ‘stay back I can’t drive properly’, they simply let other drivers know you’re new on the road. Where’s the harm in that? Drivers should give you more space and take extra care when driving around you, so they’re a win-win for everyone really.

“P plates are so cool” – said no one, ever

Ok, so P plates aren’t the coolest thing you can put on your car, and they’re so similar to an L plate you might still feel like a learner. If you don’t fancy having them on your car 24/7, why not keep a set in your car? It’s a good idea to pop them on if you’re visiting somewhere new, or tackling the motorway for the first time.

Changing the stereotype

P plates don’t mean you’re a bad driver, but it is fair to say that other road users can treat you that way as soon as they see them. If you’re driving well (like we know you can) then the letter on your bumper isn’t going to detract from that!

If you do find that P plates are more of a hindrance than a help, then there is no legal need to keep them on, but before you write them off altogether, let’s try and change the way people view them, shall we?

Peace of mind

You pass your test, and you head out on the open road by yourself. Scary, right? Of course, it is! Letting other drivers know you’re new on the road will not only encourage them to be more cautious around you but will also give you some peace of mind. “I don’t want them thinking I’m just a bad driver, I’m just new at this”

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