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Cars driving in snow with L plate
Driving advice Learning to drive 3 min read

Learning to drive in Winter

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

November 23, 2020

Driving in the winter brings with it additional challenges. Darker nights, heavy rain, and sometimes snow and ice. Just because there are new challenges, it…Read more

Teen and parent looking at laptop
Learning to drive Parent advice 7 min read

5 ways to prepare for the driving test during lockdown

Alex Johnson profile

Alex Johnson

November 17, 2020

Whilst we are all required to stay home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, it can be an especially difficult time for young people…Read more

Confused teen girl
Learning to drive 7 min read

6 myths about insuring learner drivers

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

November 9, 2020

Think you know everything when it comes to insuring learner drivers? Here’s the top 6 most common myths that young drivers and their parents often…Read more

young girl taking driving test
Driving test Learning to drive Owning a car 6 min read

Can you take your driving test in your own car?

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

November 9, 2020

If you've had private driving practice in your own car, you may be wondering which car to take your test in. We've pulled together what…Read more

Computer with theory test tips on screen
Driving test Learning to drive Young driver stories 6 min read

How did I study for my theory test?

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

October 6, 2020

Do you need tips on studying for your theory test? Here is how Chloe revised before the big day. Check out her latest blog, to…Read more

Young girl on computer
Learning to drive 6 min read

Preparing to drive at 16

Isabel Johnson profile

Isabel Johnson

September 15, 2020

Hello, my name is Isabel and I’m turning 17 in a couple of months. I’ll be blogging about my whole experience of getting on the…Read more

man in mask in car
Learning to drive Young driver stories 4 min read

The first driving lesson back after lockdown

Brogan Lawrence profile

Brogan Lawrence

September 3, 2020

Hey everyone, my name is Brogan and if you’ve read some of my previous blogs you’ll know I am currently learning to drive; although hopefully…Read more

Stressed learner in car
Learning to drive 7 min read

Learner driver stories from COVID-19

We Are Marmalade profile

We Are Marmalade

July 30, 2020

When COVID-19 hit the UK, driving lessons and test came to a halt. This meant that learner drivers who were ‘test ready’ could no longer…Read more

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confused teen girl
News 7 min read

Driving during lockdown - the do’s and don’ts

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

November 6, 2020

As we get geared up for the second lockdown we have seen this year, there are, of course, numerous questions about… well pretty much everything! Now whilst we unfortunately don’t have the answers to a…Read more

Learning to drive in pandemic
Learning to drive News 11 min read

Can I learn to drive during lockdown?

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

December 2, 2020

Updated: 2nd December 2020 With ever changing restrictions, learner drivers and parents around the country will be wondering if driving lessons and driving tests will be suspended and cancelled, and what is happening next! We’ve…Read more

Interior Audi A1 steering wheel
Owning a car 7 min read

Audi A1 - Chloe's review

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

March 7, 2020

As a young driver, whilst I like to think that reading reviews about cars from petrol heads will help me when it comes to choosing my car, it really doesn’t. I want to know what…Read more