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Breakdown road warning triangle
Driving advice Young driver stories 6 min read

Why my driving confidence has been knocked

Sasha Green profile

Sasha Green

September 19, 2019

Hi, my name is Sasha I am twenty years old and currently studying Events Management at University in Leeds. This blog will be about how…Read more

Motorway Milton Keynes
Driving advice Young driver stories 6 min read

Dealing with dangerous drivers

Amy Carpenter profile

Amy Carpenter

September 12, 2019

Hello everybody, I’m Amy also known as Amie to some and today I’m here to blog about one of my recent driving experiences which I…Read more

Driving advice News 4 min read

The highest pressures felt by young drivers

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

August 27, 2019

Whilst the freedom of the road is something we all long for, there are many pressures that young drivers today feel when they’re behind the…Read more

Young people at festival
Driving advice News Young driver stories 2 min read

Festival car packing hacks revealed

We Are Marmalade profile

We Are Marmalade

August 21, 2019

As the festival season comes to an end, one of the biggest and best is yet to take place. You know it – Reading &…Read more

Young girl new home
Driving advice Young driver stories 4 min read

Moving house - car tips and things to remember!

Hannah Webb profile

Hannah Webb

August 19, 2019

Hey everyone – I’m Hannah! I’m currently in the process of moving to a new house, and I wanted to share some of the details…Read more

Driving advice 3 min read

5 tips for driving on country roads

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

August 6, 2019

Driving on rural country roads is one of the most challenging aspects of driving, and in those first few years behind the wheel as a…Read more

Driving advice News Parent advice 6 min read

Top tips to keep safe on your summer road trip

Crispin Moger profile

Crispin Moger

August 2, 2019

The Great British Summer can be an unpredictable thing – but one thing we’ll all likely be doing is heading out on a road trip!…Read more

Young woman filling up car with fuel
Driving advice Owning a car 4 min read

7 ways to save money on fuel

Cailyn Bendall profile

Cailyn Bendall

July 24, 2019

Let’s face it, owning a car can be expensive – I bet you never paid attention to the price of fuel before paying for it…Read more

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Ariel shot of yellow car
News 6 min read

10 of the world's most bizarre driving laws

Holly West-Robinson profile

Holly West-Robinson

September 13, 2017

The laws in some countries do make you wonder what an earth they were thinking when they came up with such unusual motoring regulations!Read more

Car with full beam lights on
Owning a car 3 min read

How to replace a headlight bulb

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

November 27, 2018

You’re driving along, and you realise your headlight has gone – damn! So what do you do? Pay over the odds for a garage to fix it? Call your Mum in a panic? You could…Read more

Young girls jumping on beach free for summer
News 9 min read

Get set for a summer of freedom!

Chloe Martell profile

Chloe Martell

June 24, 2019

Nothing beats the feeling of summer – when the shackles of school, uni or work are cast aside; possibilities are endless, and the world (or at least the country) is your oyster. 56% of you…Read more