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If you've read about our car and insurance package for young drivers you’re probably thinking this deal sounds too good to be true - well, it’s not! At Marmalade, we understand that it’s only natural to have a few questions, especially as this will probably be your biggest (yet most exciting) purchase this year! Here is everything you need to know about the insurance part of the car and insurance package from Marmalade.

What happens with the insurance after the first year?

We get asked this question a lot, and we also get asked if we can estimate the cost of insurance for the next year. When it comes to predicting the cost of insurance next year, this is something we can't predict as the price will take in a number of factors, such as changes in circumstances, No Claims Discount earned, claims or convictions, and rate changes, etc.

30 days before your renewal is due we will write to you to let you know our best deal on your insurance for the next 12 months. The likelihood is you'll see a good discount if you have driven well and remained claim free throughout the year. If you are happy with the price, then we'd love you to stay with us. However, we don't tie you into staying with Marmalade for the finance term, you are free to change insurance provider if you find a better deal.

Marmalade Insurance Options

Marmalade aims to make it as easy and affordable as possible for young drivers to get behind the wheel. The majority of our brand new cars come with the first years' black box insurance included* - our annual telematics policy. In instances where we are unable to provide cover, we offer a contribution towards your Marmalade policy or cashback to help you get cover elsewhere.

All we need is your age and postcode and we'll show you your personalised offers on each car (starting with our most popular!). In the top right hand corner of the image, you will be shown which of 3 insurance perks are available for each car - these are explained below.

    insurance options

    12 months' comprehensive black box insurance is included on many of our car deals, and is available in the majority of postcodes. This means, you've guessed it, you don’t have to worry about paying separately for your insurance in your first year. It’s all included in your brand new car deal! If this is your first car, the first year's insurance is normally the most expensive, so it's a win!
    If we are unable to cover the full cost of your insurance, we’ll offer you a contribution towards your 12 months' comprehensive black box insurance with us. For total transparency, you’ll be shown the amount we’ll contribute to your insurance and how much you would need to pay.
    Occasionally, we're unable to provide cover in certain areas but this won't stop you driving your dream car! Instead, we will offer you a cashback payment - which you can use to purchase your own insurance. We’ll let you know the amount as part of your quote and arrange payment directly to your bank account for when your car is delivered, so you’re able to arrange cover.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why is Marmalade not able to offer cover on all new cars?arrow
    We’re always trying to make things as fair as possible for young drivers getting on the road so we work hard our underwriters to be able to offer insurance cover to as many young drivers as possible. Unfortunately, there are certain postcodes or jobs (like professional sportsperson or musician) where we are unable to provide cover. If this is the case, we’ll offer you a cash payment to help cover some of the costs of insurance elsewhere.
    How much will my insurance be in the second year? arrow
    We might be clever but we can’t predict the future! We base quotes on factors such as current rates and the driver’s personal details and circumstances - due to this we are unable to produce quotes so far in advance. However, we will try our best to offer you a fair deal when it comes to renewing your policy and if you’re a good driver, it’s likely you will receive a good discount too!
    Will my new car come fitted with the black box?arrow
    The short answer is no, but fear not, you won't need your tool box or to wait around for an engineer to fit it. We'll send you your black box device in the post. As soon as you get your car, all you need to do is stick this to the inside of the windscreen and pair it with our Marmalade Young Driver app. It will then record all your journeys and you can view your driving score and trips any time you like in the app. Drive well all year and you could earn yourself an extra safe driving discount at renewal.

    You can read more about how to fit the box and review your driving in our handy guide to reviewing your driving.

    Benefits of Marmalade Black Box Insurance

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    No curfews

    Enjoy the freedom of the open road and drive 24/7 with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions.
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    5 star rated cover

    Enjoy peace of mind with Defaqto 5 Star rated cover, not the mention the fact that our customers rate us “Excellent” on the independent review site, Trustpilot
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    Develop your driving skills

    Our smart tech reduces the likelihood of being involved in an accident by nearly 3 times¹ - which also means you're more likely to earn your No Claims Discount!
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    Safe driving discounts

    We offer our safest drivers an additional safe driving discount at renewal if they have driven well for the year. We think good driving is worth rewarding.

    Find your perfect car with Marmalade!

    Choose from our wide range of cars and drive happy in the knowledge you're covered by the UK's Best-known insurance provider dedicated to young drivers.²
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