Just add fuel & go

  • Ready to get behind the wheel of your first car? Of course you are! Few things in life are more satisfying than owning your very own dream machine and enjoying the freedom to go anywhere you want.

  • fuel and go

Financing and insuring your brand new wheels needn't be complicated - we've developed Fuel & Go as a one stop shop for young drivers to get on the road with a brand new car and insurance!

Just add fuel with Marmalade's Fuel & Go deal

By offering a new car with either 12 months' FREE telematics insurance, or a contribution towards your deposit, we help young motorists get off to the best possible start. And because our insurance policy rewards safe driving with cheaper renewal premiums – you'll probably want to stay insured with Marmalade.

18 year old Danielle Cooney from Birmingham is just one of our young drivers who saved money on her second year's insurance, for the Fiat 500 she purchased through Fuel & Go:

  • fuel and go recommendation

  • "Due to my good driving score I had gained with the telematics box with Marmalade with my first year's insurance, I made a huge saving on my renewal with Marmalade! I checked other insurance companies but none of them could beat what marmalade had offered. I feel more safe and secure with Marmalade than going to another company, I love having the telematics box in my car! I am almost certain I will stay insured with Marmalade for as long as I can!"

With Fuel & Go most learner drivers and new motorists, from as young as 17, can get free insurance,  subsidised insurance or a contribution towards their deposit and a brand new car that perfectly suits most young drivers' needs.

Fuel & Go makes things easy

We know how difficult it is for 17-24 year olds to find a decent car and a cost effective insurance policy and we'd hate to see you settle for an old, unreliable car that compromises your safety and offers less than optimal fuel economy.

The thinking behind Fuel & Go is simple. We want to make things easy and offer an affordable way for young drivers to get experience on the roads while driving safe and reliable cars.

We offer a large selection of cars from manufacturers such as Fiat, Peugeot, Ford and Vauxhall, all of which are available with 12 months free insurance or a contribution towards your deposit, and no tax to pay for the first year. So just add fuel to get going!

You choose how to pay

All you need to pay is a small deposit to secure your car and you can either purchase the car outright, or choose one of the finance options to pay by monthly instalments!

  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – you can choose 36 or 48 affordable monthly payments with the option to hand the car back at the end of the period, or pay the final balance payment and keep the car.
  • Hire Purchase (HP) – spread the whole value of the loan over a period of 3, 4 or 5 years with equal monthly installments. So, after you pay all your installments, the car is yours and there is no final balance to pay.
  • Cash – You don't have to take out finance, so you can choose to pay the full balance of the car in a one-off payment.

The Fuel & Go deal is available to young drivers aged 17 - 24 years old. Finance options are only available from 18 and are subject to application – however, if you're aged 17, a parent or guardian can apply on your behalf. The Representative APR is 9.9% based on 4 years' PCP. Young Marmalade Ltd, acting as a credit broker, will introduce you to Barclays Partner Finance, a lender.

Safety in mind

The advantages of a new car are obvious. They are safer, more dependable and typically more fuel-efficient. Sadly, young drivers could struggle with the cost of a shiny new motor as most dealerships will only offer free insurance from age 21.

We don't think that's fair - which is where Fuel & Go comes in! As well as offering you 12 months free insurance, all our brand new cars are fitted with a nifty black box that helps you develop your safe driving skills and has the potential to make savings on your insurance premium in the future. After all, it's often the first year's premium that is the most expensive.

What is telematics?

If you haven't already heard of telematics, you may have heard of black box insurance. A little black box is installed out of sight in your car which transmits journey data to us to build a picture as to how you drive. We're not interested in scrutinising every moment you spend behind the wheel, but, by reviewing your driving performance we are able to offer you an insurance premium, when you renew, that matches your risk rather than the risk of young drivers in general.

Telematics can also help you to become a better driver. You, and your named drivers will be given a login so you can review your journeys instantly online – if fact you're likely to spend a lot more time viewing your journey data than we are!

We will only be notified if you have an unsafe or "red" journey. A member of our customer service team will ring you up to talk it through with you to help you understand why the journey was flagged and how you can improve. Over 90% of our customers drive without cause for concern, so the likelihood is that you may hear from us once or not at all. So that it's fair; the few who repeatedly drive dangerously will be charged an additional premium to cover the cost on their increased risk of being in an accident.

What driving data does Marmalade look at?

If you have had a "red" or unsafe journey we'll look at the way you accelerate, the way you brake, your average speed and how you corner. Using this data we can highlight any issues and help you to drive more safely in the future.