Young driver vs parent - who is the safest


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 25 August 2016

We live in a world where people (young & old) are stereotyped in many ways. At Marmalade we are trying to challenge the stereotypes of young drivers and challenge some misconceptions. We took a few of our young drivers, and their parents, to the famous Rockingham Motor Speedway Circuit near Northampton for a day full of high-octane fun. We tested our young drivers and their parents on a series of challenges involving; 4X4's, Supercars, Ariel Atoms, R3 Skid Challenge, Single Seat Race cars, and a GBS Auto test. This required each driver to put their best foot forward in a bid to out-do each other and demonstrate who, out of the parents and young drivers, are the safest!



Put on the spot

On the track they demonstrated their skill and knowledge to a great degree! But when it came to the real world we thought we'd quiz the pairs on their worst driving habits... It's safe to say some of the results were surprising... and some not so much! 😉

Young drivers come out on top

The driving scores were based on various aspects such as their ability to listen to instructions, how good their control was of the vehicle and, of course, their overall times. Our young drivers wanted to prove a point to their parents, who had 192 years of combined driving experience between them. As the scores rolled in from across the track, each driver was full of suspense to find out who would be crowned the safest. The winners were announced and much to Marmalade's delight we were happy to say that the young drivers won!


Well done to all of our ambassadors and their parents for joining us on the day. Although this was a very unscientific experiment it does show that stereotyping all young drivers as reckless rookies is not the case and that young drivers are serious about striving to drive better.


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