Young driver safety at the heart of a new telematics partnership


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 18 October 2013

Young driver champion Marmalade and Allianz have joined forces to deliver bespoke telematics-based insurance cover for young drivers.

The New Driver Insurance product treats all young policyholders as good drivers at the outset which means they receive maximum discount from day one. This approach sets it apart from similar products on the market where young drivers need to prove good driving before premiums are lowered.

Another winner with younger motorists is Marmalade's decision not to put time curfews on its policies. The young driver champion maintains this is too restrictive for this age group.

Marmalade MD Crispin Moger added: "Telematics is a logical way to maintain lower premiums as well as promoting road safety. We are delighted Allianz recognises this too and supports our key objective of helping young people to be better drivers."

The growth of mobile phones and geo positioning means telematics technology - an in-car fixed black box which rewards good, safer driving through potentially cheaper premiums - is now becoming a mainstream product for young drivers.

Regardless of gender, it provides a measured solution for young drivers to rising insurance costs and at the same time encourages safer driving - factors recognised at this year's UK Broker Awards (Sept 2013) where the product earned Marmalade best innovation award.

Neither Marmalade nor Allianz are newcomers to telematics. Marmalade has been selling telematics-based insurance alongside its learner and new car insurance since 2009 while Allianz was an original panel member of one of the earliest telematics propositions five years ago.

Simon Brimicombe, director, broker and corporate partner, Allianz Retail, said;

"Our partnership with Marmalade demonstrates our commitment to digitalisation and using new technologies to provide a better customer experience. Young inexperienced drivers are statistically more likely to have accidents but we hope that black box technology will help save lives and save money by encouraging safer driving."

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