Will's top tips for road trips

Young driver standing in front of stage at Bestival 2016

Posted by Will Tyson on 01 December 2016

Everyone loves a good road trip! But before setting off on any long journey it’s always worth carrying out some standard checks on your vehicle first!

Our young driver Will hit up last year’s Bestival and demonstrates exactly what any young driver should be checking on their car before embarking on a long journey!

That’s it! Will is officially ready to head off to the festival! Wherever your next adventure may take you – Marmalade’s advice is to follow these 5 checks to ensure you get there safely and on time!?

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Will Tyson
Will Tyson

Hi, my name is Will and I have been driving for just over two and a half years. I am a big fan of motorsport, especially the technical side of it - there's just a pure fascination to pursue more speed through the research and development of new technologies in a bid to find just fractions of a second. This is probably why I enjoy karting a lot, but I'm sure it's also down to my competitiveness too!