Will boiling water crack the windscreen?


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 08 December 2014

Will boiling water crack the windscreen?" is a common question asked on frosty mornings.

No one likes to rush out the door clutching their car keys to find that the windscreen is frozen, but do not be tempted to reach for a kettle of boiling water!

Not only can the hot water spill onto the floor and freeze, creating a slip hazard but it is possible for your windscreen to crack as the extreme temperatures meet.

We also suggest that you avoid the temptation to jump in the front seat and wait for the windscreen wipers and heated window fan to solve the problem. This method is timely and can cause unnecessary wear on both the window wipers and engine.

Can I just use my CD case to scrape away the ice?

It will not crack the windscreen but try and avoid using any tools such as CD cases, credit cards or keys to remove ice from a windscreen as they can scratch the glass.

The best way to clear your frozen windscreen is to use de-icer and a scraper. Some scrapers even come fitted into a warm mitten to make the experience a little cosier!

Make sure you defrost the entire windscreen. The cold temperatures can make it tempting to simply defrost a small circle above the steering wheel but this makes your driving view dangerously restricted.

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