Why young drivers’ opinions count


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 28 August 2013

Young drivers head back to school sixth form and college or university in the coming weeks after the summer break. Many will be oblivious to the fact that a Green Paper due to be released by the Government this Autumn will seal the fate of driving for their younger siblings and friends in the years to come.

I've talked about the Green Paper before and my opinion on some of it's potential suggestions, primarily night-time curfews and carrying passengers. Read more on this here

There are plenty of positives about the proposals and all aspects need to be considered, consulted upon and tested thoroughly before any actually make the statute books. Here is a snapshot, taken from the Dept for Transport website, of some of the key points likely to be open for discussion.

What I would like to see is much more on-going engagement with the generation these proposals are actually going to be designed to help. If not, this entire exercise could be a huge waste of time and money.

In my opinion, it is pointless 'grown ups' making policies - these decisions need to be driven by what young people think, their behaviour, attitudes, and honest and realistic opinions on how these suggestions would work if they were to become law.

Young people have a voice, their opinion counts the most in this instance. The sooner we realise this, the sooner the extremely important issues within this Green Paper can be progressed properly.

Opinions do count - we regularly ask young people for their opinions on driving issues. This latest one covers drink driving, lowering the 'learn to drive' age - it also checks on accident stats with some surprising findings which contradict the national average see our infographic:

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