Why I am cautious of other road users

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Posted by Amy Thomas on 11 October 2017

When it comes to driving, I am a pretty confident driver; I know how to drive and I have been told that my driving is very good. But the one thing that I always worry about when I am driving is other road users! You never know if they are thinking the same thing as you or if they are concentrating as much as you are. 

As I learnt at the Marmalade track day, driving with distractions is the worst for your concentration. At Rockingham I tried to drive and text at the same time and I found myself trying to drive safely around the cones more than text, which I think is a good thing! I did knock a few cones down however, showing how difficult it can be with a distraction! You never know if someone else on the road it driving with a distraction so I am always thinking, are they fully concentrating? 

Another thing is knowing I am seen on the roads, I don’t want someone hitting me and using the excuse, “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you” because all you have to do is use those things called your eyeballs, your windows and your mirrors! If you’re not sure whether the road is clear, don’t take the chance,. Just wait until you have good sight of the situation, then move. I am always worried that someone isn’t going to see me at a roundabout so I have to plan ahead for this. 


Of course, I don’t drive around clinging onto the steering wheel for dear life and hating driving my car! I assess all the dangers in my head and make sure I give myself enough time to react to whatever is happening. If I see someone at a junction or roundabout that I think hasn’t seen me, I’ll slow down even more to avoid any sort of accident. 

When you don’t trust other people on the road, you start worrying more and more about your own driving and making sure that you are driving well. Marmalade’s track day really helped me with this, the road drive was a real eye opener and helped me put my fears into practice, I guess! It helped me to understand more on how to prevent incidents happening and how to overcome my fear of other drivers. I am still nervous of other people on the roads and also pedestrians but it’s not because I am scared of them, I’m scared of their actions and what they could possibly do to cause an incident. 

I also find, now that I’m getting the chance to drive different cars for different reason, I feel that I am more confident when driving. Always making sure I have plenty of time to react to incidents, not having any distractions whilst driving and adjusting my driving according to the road and weather conditions. I have had the chance to drive different cars with all different amounts of power and different handling, I can adapt to most cars rather quickly now! 

Most importantly, drive safely and be aware of other drivers and pedestrians. Don’t put yourself in sticky situations! 

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