Triplets on the road to success with marmalade


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 30 October 2013

Triplets, Ruby, Fred and Harry Holt from Devizes, Wiltshire are aiming for triple driving test celebrations after renewing their learner driver insurance policies with Marmalade.

The 17-year old trio were so eager to learn to drive they bought a car between them.

The triplets mum, Juliet Holt said: "We live in a rural area so having the freedom to go where and when they want without having to ask mum and dad is important to them. Now they have a car between them they are able to get extra practise behind the wheel inbetween their driving lessons."

The triplets are working towards their test in a way that suits them individually, one is taking a crash course and the other two are taking weekly lessons. Mr and Mrs Holt take them out on alternative nights to try to maximise their practise time behind the wheel.

"My husband and I are looking forward to no longer being the taxi of mum and dad but the real test will be how they agree to share the use of the car once they've all passed their test, added Mrs Holt."

Crispin Moger, MD for Marmalade said: "The Holt family are our very first set of triplets to use our young driver insurance for some extra practise and we are following their progress with interest. Learning to drive can be a challenging time so to share this with two siblings must be quite a unique experience."

Marmalade, young driver insurance provider, offers a unique cover from one to three months for those wishing to gain additional practise while learning to drive on almost any family car. The added benefit is that it won't affect the no claims bonus of whoever owns the car.

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