Top Tips for Summer Trips!

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Posted by Amy Thomas on 18 July 2017

As we go into the summer season, you want to enjoy it as much as possible and avoid those hot, sticky car rides to the beach! So to help you stay cool and comfortable this summer, here are my top driving tips for young drivers this season!

TIP 1- Always carry water! Staying hydrated in the hotter months is essential, we don’t want you passing out! Always try to refresh the water as often as possible as you don’t want to be drinking water that’s been in the car for weeks on end.

TIP 2- Sun cream is your best friend in the sun, make sure you keep a bottle in your car so you don’t get caught out if you forgot to put it on beforehand! Everyone knows that sunburn is not fun and that the UV rays can damage your skin, even if you don’t burn, so it’s better to be safe!

TIP 3- Use your air con! Don’t be afraid by using the AC in your car, it is there for a reason! Unfortunately, not all cars have AC (like my first car), so make sure you open all the windows and keep the air moving. No one likes to feel hot and sticky whilst driving!

TIP 4- Keep a hat and sunglasses in your car in case the sun gets too hot and bright. You can also wear the sunglasses whilst driving to reduce the amount of squinting and glare! Just remember to take them off when it gets darker.

TIP 5- If you’re planning on going to the beach or to the park a lot, keep a blanket or a beach towel handy so you can use it to sit on or dry yourself off with if you’ve been having a paddle! An umbrella would also be handy to keep the sun off of you if you’re not one for tanning!

TIP 6- If you’re going on a long journey, check your oil and water levels, and your tyres before setting off. Your car will be running a lot hotter than it has been over the winter so making sure that everything is correct and safe before traveling.

TIP 7- Your seating position isn’t only making sure you’re comfortable on journeys but is also making sure you’re safe. Try not to sit too close to the steering wheel - this can be dangerous in an accident, even if you have air bags, sitting too close can do more harm than good. Try to have a slight bend in your arms, that way you have more control over the car and can actually see more if you sit further back! Being comfortable in this hot weather is essential!

TIP 8- Plan your journey beforehand! Knowing your route before you set off will help get you there easier and also, reduce those “you said turn left!?” arguments! Most map apps on your phone will work out the fastest route and help avoid roadworks and traffic. NEVER USE YOUR PHONE WHILST DRIVING! Set it up before you leave and then do not touch it. If anything needs your urgent attention, get a passenger to check or find a service station, turn the car off and stretch your legs whilst checking your phone!

TIP 9- ALWAYS check your fuel level before driving, whether it’s around town or a long journey - it’s not fun breaking down in the summer heat and trying to find a petrol station! Making sure you’re always fully prepared before any journey will make your summer easier!

TIP 10- The final tip is to have fun! Put on a summer playlist and sing your heart out in your car! Enjoy the wonderful summer weather and make memories with friends and family - go have fun at the beach or the theme park and have a fabulous summer!

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