Top 10 New Years resolutions for drivers!

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Posted by We Are Marmalade on 03 January 2018

We've put together a handy list of all the New Year's resolutions you can make as a driver! Have you ever thought about doing any of these?

Save money on fuel

Changing your driving habits can really help save you money!

  • Avoid driving in rush hour 
  • Accelerate smoothly 
  • Turn off your air-conditioning 
  • Stick to the speed limit

Cut the road rage

Some people out on the road will annoy you – there’s no getting away from it. But getting angry behind the wheel is only going to distract you even further from your journey. Don’t let someone else’s mistake affect your driving. Keep your cool, and be on your way!


Slow down!

If you’re not sticking to the speed limits, the question we have is – why? Speed limits are designed to keep us all safe. Whether you’re in a rush or weren’t paying attention, there is no excuse for speeding. Better late than never, ay?

Be the designated driver

If you and your friends are heading on a night out – make sure there is a designated driver or some plan of action for you all to get back home safely! Make sure you know who’s driving, or whether you’ll be getting a taxi in the early hours!

Regular maintenance

Keeping on top of your car is key to it lasting. If your bulbs need changing, or you’re running low on screenwash then get it sorted as soon as you notice, so you’re not left short whilst you’re on a road trip!

Broaden your horizons

Speaking of road trips – why not plan something amazing for this year? Hop in your car and go somewhere you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll build up your confidence out on the road, and have an amazing time whilst doing so. Win win!


Car share

If you know that you and a colleague or friend live close by, and you’re heading somewhere at the same time, why not set up a car sharing plan! You’ll save money on fuel, help the environment, and you’ll have company on those trips to school or work!

Build up your no claims

Do you remember when you first took out your insurance? A lot of people seem to forget how long they’ve been driving for, so have a look. You might have a year or two's no claims bonus under your belt – making your insurance even cheaper at renewal!

Buckle up

It’s probably something you do already, but remember to put your seatbelt on every time you hop into your car! It goes without saying, they’re designed to keep you safe behind the wheel! Start off 2018 in the right way, by keeping yourself safe.


Buy a new car

Are you having a few car problems that seem to be getting on top of you? Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and look into getting a fresh new set of wheels! Whether it’s a second-hand car or brand new one, why not treat yourself this year to something a bit nicer to get you from A to B. 

There we have it! Can you think of any other New Year's resolutions for your car, or has this blog inspired you to make some? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know! 

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