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Posted by Amy Thomas on 16 February 2017

There's no better feeling than getting a new car! Just recently I got myself a new car and I am still in the 'honeymoon' stage with the car, I'm in love! So, I thought I would put together a blog post on tips for buying a new car.

First things first, find a car in your price range, DO NOT IMPULSE BUY. This can lead to you spending an unnecessary amount of money on a car that could possibly not be the car you thought you wanted. Have a serious think about the costs and why you want that specific car. Whether you buy the car outright or get it on finance, make sure you can afford the car otherwise you can get into a sticky situation, and no one wants that!

Secondly, test drive the car! The biggest mistake to make when purchasing a new car is to not test drive it first! You could have your heart set on one car, buy it then go to drive it and you absolutely hate the way it drives. It doesn't matter if the car 'feels right' in the show room, if you don't like the way it drives, you're then stuck with a car you don't enjoy! For a motorsport and racing lover, having a car that drives the way you want it is a must!

Thirdly, I find it better to look at the insurance and tax prices before you even go and look at the car, this makes it easier to gauge whether you can even begin to afford the car or not. This is where We Are Marmalade can come in handy with young drivers, just a thought! :P

Is this the right car for me?

Always have someone with you when you go to look at a car, it's best to have someone who has good car knowledge and it's also good to have a second opinion and/or a voice of reason! My dad was the best person for me as he has owned many cars over the years and also has very good car knowledge, I wonder where I get my love of cars and fast things from...

Always, always, ALWAYS ask yourself why? Why do I like this car? Why do I want this car? Is it affordable? Is it right for me? Do I really need this car right now? Once you can answer those questions with valid answers then go ahead with the purchase! Also, do not feel pressured by the dealer to buy the car, always buy on your terms. If you feel pressured then go away, think about it and again, ask yourself why? Is it because they've offered you a brilliant deal or is it because it's what you want? All of this is important!

Finally, don't buy the car that you think your mates will think is cool or something that isn't what you need right now. Buy what you want to buy, within reason of course! If you're buying a new car soon or have bought one recently then congratulations and I wish you very happy miles in it! I hope you found this post helpful!

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