Tips for passing your driving test


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 05 August 2016

You've learnt your road signs, nailed your maneuverers and finally established the accelerator is NOT the same as the brake pedal! Sounds like you're soon going to be ready for your driving test!

If you're still "getting to grips" with the road and not started your lessons yet, don't worry! These tips are designed for you as well 😃

  1. Avoid booking lessons at stupid times

    Book your lessons at a time when you're going to feel fresh and focused! If you're a zombie in the morning, go for an afternoon lesson or an evening slot instead.
  2. Don't just go for the best looking teacher

    Look for someone qualified, experienced and knowledgeable, someone who motivates and makes you feel comfortable! It may be worth checking out recommendations from friends and family.
  3. Get that theory test under your belt!

    Revise, revise, revise! Treat the Highway Code as your bible and come to terms with what's classed as a hazard! Watch out for those PokemonGo-ers!
  4. Get an idea of the routes you could be tested on

    Try and get to know the routes you could be taking when the day of your Practical comes. It should help you feel more relaxed and could increase your chances or passing if you're comfortable with the roads.
  5. Stay away from drugs!

    And if you're on medication or tablets - check out the directions and side effects as it could affect your concentration and driving. It's probably best to postpone your lessons or test until after you've finished the medication. After all, you don't want to be drooling all over your instructor's steering wheel when he's trying to teach you how to parallel park!
  6. It's not a race

    The Taj Mahal wasn't built in a day! Learning to drive takes patience and time! Plan your lessons in moderation so you can digest what you've learnt in the lead up to your next one.
  7. Don't dress to impress

    Choose flat shoes and suitable attire that's not going to make you feel hot or flustered, or imminently leave you sat there shivering because your hands are too cold to put the car in gear! Your 7 inch heels probably ought to be kept for a Friday night out...
  8. Calm the truck down!

    You'll probably be quite nervous on test day! Find therapeutic things to do the night before such as reading, yoga or chilling with friends rather than anything stressful like studying!
  9. Don't worry - you're not going to die

    Stay positive! You can always take your test again if you fail - remember the majority of people don't pass first time! Think of it as an experience and an opportunity to improve your weaknesses and be proud of your strong points.
  10. You don't really learn to drive until you've passed

    As with anything, practise makes perfect and this is why you should take your lessons seriously, take as much from them as possible and continue to develop them long after you get that magic pass.

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Holly West-Robinson

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