The realisation that not everyone is a perfect driver


Posted by Bobby Hopkinson on 24 August 2016

I have just got back from a family holiday in Italy which was great fun, and a little too heavy on the pizza but I am not complaining. In fact my only complaint would be the mad driving that I witnessed - the drivers over there literally have no fear, the feeling of fear is left for the pedestrians trying to dodge moving cars! We spent a few days in Rome and the roads seemed lawless. People swerved in and out of lanes, there was no indicating and many cars didn't even have wing-mirrors, I am guessing they have been knocked off! It made me feel grateful that I am learning to drive in a quiet town in sleepy Suffolk!

Since learning to drive I have become really aware of other people's driving and I notice myself checking when the driver changes gear, presses down the clutch and checks their mirrors - in fact I notice so-called 'experienced' drivers really don't check their mirrors as much as I am instructed to - I won't name names...Mum, Dad, Charlie. I guess you become complacent but that doesn't seem too safe to me. I am hoping I don't pick up too many bad habits when I get my license. As I mentioned in my first blog, I want to get my license so I can take my girlfriend Katie on road trips, so driving well, not looking like an idiot and making her feel safe is all really important to me.

Getting back into my lessons and preparing for my theory test

After a few weeks of just observing (bad!) driving I am looking forward to my next lesson and getting behind the wheel again. I guess I am also a little nervous too though. I was progressing pretty well with my manoeuvres and getting the clutch control tight and after a few weeks off I hope I haven't forgotten it all! I will obviously keep you all posted...

Also, I am going to have to face my theory test soon. I have been putting it off but I know I need to crack on and get it booked. I think I am more worried about that side of the test than the practical - it's too much like school work I think!!

Learner driver Bobby standing outside of Roman Colosseum

Here's me outside the colosseum in Rome!

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