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Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 24 November 2016

You may have heard about a particular "pledge" that Brake Road Safety are currently running as part of #roadsafetyweek! The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among drivers young and old on their behaviour on the road. This ranges from using a mobile phone behind the wheel, speeding, driving impaired, looking after the safety of your passengers and ensuring your driving isn't affected by poor vision - aka getting your peepers tested every 2 years!

It's also a campaign which encourages the use of public transport, cycling and walking when driving may not be necessary to help with congestion on the roads, emission levels and generally reducing the motorist's carbon footprint.

What do young people believe are the biggest threats?

With this vision in mind, Brake wanted to find out what drivers think are the biggest distractions on the road and their perception of "risks". Interestingly enough, young drivers seem to have mixed views on what they think are the biggest threats on UK roads, with 10% of young people rating vehicle emissions above not wearing a seatbelt!

Fortunately using a mobile phone behind the wheel was rated one of the biggest dangers by young drivers coming in at 17%. Which does go to show that not all teens are concerned with which Snap Chat filters are going to make them look more glamourous in their motor and actually have consideration for their own safety and that of other drivers.

We are delighted to see that the highest risks in a young driver's eyes is speeding, coming out top at 43%. As a telematics company, our main focus and principles are to encourage safe driving through the use of black box technology. Speeding plays a big factor when it comes to reckless driving and the ever growing popularity of telematics companies, means this is something which can be closely monitored in an efficient and accurate way.

What's really going on

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Now... time to dig a bit deeper! The survey also included a section which questioned them on the things they are actually guilty of committing behind the wheel! On the contrary speeding came in top with 50% 18-24 year olds admitting to driving over the speed limit, followed by 23% of young people driving somewhere which is easily within walking distance! Now THAT there is a result which could be "fed back" to Weight Watchers! ;)

In third place, a worrying 21% was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Use of a mobile phone came in at 14% and a further 23% of young people opted for none of the options stated which makes us hope they aren't breaking any of the rules and are already well on their way to signing the pledge!

Are you ready to sign the pledge and help make our roads a safer place? There shouldn't be any reason why not! For full details on the campaign and results from the research, head over to #roadsafetyweek

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