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The introduction of telematics should be the next change to driving tests

The introduction of telematics should be the next change to driving tests

Posted by Crispin Moger on 16 March 2015 in Uncategorised

The introduction of telematics should be the next change to driving tests
He says: “It’s positive to hear that there are calls from Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) for the total modernisation of driving tests and the inclusion of technology into the tests. IAM has put forward one suggestion regarding the introduction of extra pre-test training which would improve new driver’s safety and help eliminate some road accidents.

“I think that instead of looking more narrowly at sat navs and cradle-held mobile phones used as navigation devices, the government should be looking at the introducing of black box technology across the board, in lessons and the tests.

“The information gathered from black box technology or telematics is an untapped source of really useful data, monitoring the performance of young drivers based on their Accelerating, Braking, Cornering and Speed known as ABCs. This greatly helps improve young driver’s ability, honing their skills in driving in various conditions which would be ideal for pre-testing young drivers. Telematics monitors the performance of young drivers based on.

“We have said for a long time that it would be useful to have a telematics device in all driving instructors’ cars and this could also be extended to the driving test. Not only would this be able to accurately measure a level of consistency but also encourage a level playing field for all learner drivers.”

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Crispin Moger
Crispin Moger

As the CEO of Marmalade, and having spent 20 years working in the motor and insurance industry, I feel strongly about helping young drivers to get on the road in a safer, fairer and simpler way. Outside work I'd describe myself as a hard rock loving adventure sports fan, who loves to travel.


Jacqui Rogers

Thanks! I really enjoyed reading this article. After trawling through insurance companies looking for provisional licence insurance so that I can help my son gain some practice, I came across Marmalade and article by Crispin Moger, speaker and hard rock loving sports adventure fan . It is refreshing to hear someone championing for young drivers and young people generally. In my opinion, most young drivers are a lot more sensible than back in the day when I passed my test! Which, really is a long time ago now :) The telematics device sounds like such a good idea and again, would have been beneficial to myself and friends when we passed our tests and as said 'it puts all learner drivers on a level playing field.' Jacqui Rogers, jazz loving hiker fan.