The first in my year to learn to drive


Posted by Kitty Haslam on 14 September 2018

Seeing as my birthday is in October, I’m pretty much one of the oldest in my school year. This is great because it means I get to do a lot of things early on that you have to be 18 for, however, it does mean that I was one of the very first people in my year to turn 17 and with that, one of the first to learn to how to drive.

Commence taxi service

My learning to drive was a very exciting idea for my friends. I mean let’s face it, we all wanted to be out on road trips at the weekend as quickly as possible, so having a friend who could drive was going to make this possible. As well as the inevitable weekend trips to the seaside we had coming (once I’d passed), I knew I’d also be their own personal taxi service! I knew all of my friends were just excited, but their enthusiasm did put added pressure on me to pass as quickly as possible.


Captain Clueless

Although the idea of being one of the first people to have the freedom of being able to drive was great, being one of the oldest in the year also meant that none of my friends had any experience of learning to drive. So for me, getting information, like which driving instructor to choose or even what my first lesson would be like, was fairly hard.

Without experienced people around me, getting started with driving was a bit more difficult. I didn’t have many people to ask for advice or to talk to about my experiences. So, unfortunately for me, the first steps in the process were quite daunting as I wasn’t really sure of what to expect.


Getting the hang of it

As months passed, and I got to grips with learning to drive, my friends all began to turn 17 and they started their own driving journeys. By this point, it was quite a relief to finally be able to share my experience with my mates. The other great part was that when it came to the time that my friends needed advice, they could come to me! I had been learning for a little while so I could help out on tips and guidance, for things like what they should expect from instructors and generally how the first lot of lessons would go.

It was nice to be able to help my friends to get over the initial nerves of the very first lessons. It also meant I could help out with the dreaded theory test because I had already been there. Being able to use my own experience to support them has been really rewarding.


Top tips

Now that I’ve passed my driving test, I’m able to give my friends advice on each stage of their driving journey! As well as the test itself, one of the big issues we all face is insurance. I’ve been advising my friends to have a look at Marmalade policies because there is a range of different options to cover you as a learner and full licence holder. The Named Young Driver policy was great for me because it allowed me to use my Mum’s car to practice in, and now I’ve passed, I’m still covered as I was before. It saved us from having to change everything over to a new policy, which was one less headache to deal with.

So now I’ve passed my test, the black box is fitted and I’m officially on the road as a brand new driver! I’m just waiting for the requests for lifts and visits to our local Starbucks and MacDonald’s drive-thru to come flooding in!

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Kitty Haslam

My name is Kitty, I am 16 and have just finished my GCSE's. I am currently at the start of a very long summer break and I really want to be able to use some of the time wisely - while also enjoying it as much as possible while I'm free from school - so I've decided to look into if I can do anything to get ahead with the process of learning to drive.