The daily mail's telematics and speeding fines article is out of order


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 28 February 2014

It always staggers me that journalists are allowed to get away with poorly researched, inflammatory articles that serve no purpose other than to scaremonger. What I find even more frustrating is when these journalists seek to target an industry that is being developed to save lives. It is irresponsible and in my opinion unprofessional. Unfortunately this seems to be par for the course for a number of journalists who seem hell-bent on delivering a snappy eye catching headline regardless of the fact the article bears little or no resemblance to it. You may wonder what has irked me so, well it is the Daily Mail's article of last week on telematics entitled "Speeding fines from your insurer: And that's not the only catch to new 'black box' car cover that's meant to be cheaper".

Telematics help tackle the problems young drivers face

I run a business that is built on trying to help young people and save lives. We work tirelessly to tackle the problems faced by young drivers to get on the road and we try to deliver solutions to help them. Young drivers have been abandoned by the insurance industry on the whole and many of the big insurers have no desire to offer a solution. We can and we do!

It is not a perfect solution for everyone but it is not a perfect world and we are limited by the insurers we have to deal with, but it is a solution. We provide a transparent offering and it is not in our interests to hide things from our customers despite what is intimated by this article.

Can we increase the premium? Yes we can but only if someone drives consistently badly.

Do we want to? No

Do we profit from these increases? No in fact they cost us money.

Why do we do it? Because we want our young drivers to build experience in a safe environment so that they can go on to be good safe drivers and get competitive insurance. Sometimes asking a young person not to do it again doesn't always work. We hope the threat of a small financial penalty is enough of an incentive to keep them on the straight and narrow. More importantly dangerous driving can lead to deaths and we don't want that.

Telematics are safer, fairer, simpler

I can to a certain extent understand why people are wary of insurance companies as they have done little to help their cause in the past. However part of this is the age in which we live whereby we are constantly looking to drive the price down on everything but ignoring the fact that something has to give. If you take insurance premiums we have generated an industry through comparison sites that encourages insurers to constantly look to be the most competitive. However what a lot of consumers don't realise is that by driving the price down the insurer is trimming back some of the cover. This can often result in a claim not being paid and ultimately you only find out how good your insurance is when you come to make a claim.

Marmalade is not like this. We go to great lengths to explain what your policy does or does not do right at the start and we believe that this is how all insurance companies should operate.

On the issue of big brother, I promise you that if you have a smart phone or go on the internet then far more information is being captured about you than we collect. Our only interest is keeping you safe and helping you to improve your driving. There are a lot of mistruths spread about Telematics and whilst I can't speak for everyone in the industry or their intentions we do not have a sinister agenda. When I first heard about telematics I was put off it, largely because of articles like the Daily Mail one. However once I tested it out I was converted. It is not intrusive and it can be used to help improve your driving. This is why I feel that badly researched articles do more harm than good.

Interestingly we offered the author a chance to come and see for himself what our product does but surprise surprise he hasn't got the guts to contact us. But hey don't let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

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