The abcs of safe driving


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 21 November 2014

So how do we help our customers stay safe?

We use a telematics solution that flags when a young driver has driven in a risky manner, based on the ABCS of driving: Accelerating, Braking, Cornering and Speed. Our system monitors every journey and each one will be labelled either: Green, indicating a safe journey; Amber, some improvements may be required; or Red, flagging potentially high risk driving. When a red journey is made, we will call the customer within 24 hours to flag the problems, discuss why they happened and offer advice on ways to improve driving.

This has not only helped our customers to stay safe but enabled us to offer the lowest prices from the outset - and keep them that way. Many of our competitors will ask young drivers to prove themselves first before any discounts are made.

What is a black box?

It's a little black box about the size of a deck of cards that is normally fitted behind the dashboard to monitor driving performance and feed back into our system.

What does it measure?

It measures the ABCS such as speed and acceleration force, braking force and frequency, cornering, swerving, sudden manoeuvres, distance travelled, the types of routes driven, the time and date of journeys and your car's location. All of this information will then be used to provide each journey with a score. It can also help you to find your car in the event that is lost or stolen!

What does it do?

* Our telematics system simply flags bad driving to us, and we respond accordingly, helping us to keep young drivers safe on the roads and insurance premiums low.

Telematics without curfews

* Driving gives you freedom and we're not going to restrict you with curfews. With our products you can drive at any time of night or day.

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