Telematics encourages young drivers onto uk roads


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 13 March 2013

Driving is a liberating experience, it should be enjoyable and fun, in a safe way.

That's how I see it today after many years of driving and that's exactly how I remember feeling the day I passed my test.

Learning to drive, passing your test and then venturing out in a car on your first solo journey is a fundamental part of growing up in my eyes. It's a life experience which everyone should get the chance to savour, if they want to and if they can.

That's why last week's reported decline in the number of young learner drivers on our roads saddened me.

It is the fifth year running that the number of new young drivers has fallen.

Rising costs within the motoring industry combined with growing living costs for young people in general are at the heart of this decline, according to the commentators.

Unfortunately, we can do little to alter the country's economic issues, but young driver champions such as Marmalade can pro-actively support this generation in other ways and help to improve young driver opportunities.

As a young driver insurance provider, we have a responsibility to keep premiums as affordable as possible. We work closely with our underwriters to maintain realistic and affordable young driver insurance premiums.

But society has a terrible habit of labelling young people as bad drivers. That's a ridiculous generalisation - not all young drivers are bad drivers, they just haven't had as much experience.

So what can we do to give them more experience, lessen their risk of accidents and help drive down their premium rates?

Telematics, the 'black box' as it's also known, is the logical next step. That's not just Marmalade's opinion, that's the growing consensus of the UK's motoring and insurance industry which will be debating it next month at the Marketforce Telematics Summit in London:

For me it's a no brainer - incentivising young drivers to be safer on the road by linking good driving to cheaper premiums is just good sense.

We should be embracing this type of motoring technology. I'm passionate that every young person has a given right to drive if they want to and if they are in a position to do so - what we need to be doing is looking at pro-active ways we can help to make this happen and happen safely.

Telematics is one industry idea which is really starting to develop. I'm talking on this subject at the seminar mentioned earlier and I would really value others' opinions on this issue...

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