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Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 05 June 2014

To all the parents out there who worry every time your child gets into his or her car, we understand. At Marmalade we not only provide the insurance that they must have by law, but also support and care to help each and every one of our young drivers to stay safe on the road and travel home in one piece. We guide our young drivers, giving them all the advice they need and using new technology to encourage safer driving skills that will stay with them for their entire driving lives.

Statistics have come out this week about young drivers. They say "nearly 12% of people who are hurt or killed in a car accident are involved in a crash with drivers aged between 17 and 19." This is a shocking statistic considering 17 to 19 year olds only make up 1.5% of UK drivers. According to recent figures the Dyfed Powys area in Wales has the highest proportion of injuries caused by young drivers, 18.2%, with Cumbria and North Wales not too far behind.

As a result of these statistics, people want to see more support and care given to new drivers, quite rightly. They want to introduce a new system for 'graduate drivers' that would restrict what drivers can and can't do on the roads. This 12-month probationary period is set to stop over 4,500 people getting hurt every year. At Marmalade, we are fully behind supporting new drivers, however we also believe in providing insurance that is based on each person's individual driving. We don't prejudge people based on age. Although this graduate scheme for young drivers may control those bad drivers, it will also restrict the good drivers, those who pass their test and drive sensibly and safely. We don't think this is fair, just as charging young drivers excessive insurance costs is not fair. Marmalade supports good, young drivers, without restricting their freedom.

Young drivers always seem to be in the news, typically stereotyped as bad drivers. For many young drivers this seems unfair as the majority are safe and sensible on the road. At Marmalade we feel that these safe drivers should be rewarded, rather than punished. This is why we offer black box technology. This not only supports those good, young drivers, but also encourages those who may have otherwise put themselves or others in danger, to drive safely on the road. With the black box, young drivers can retain their freedom, at a low cost, while staying safe and keeping parents across the country happy.

The black box is a simple concept to get your head around. The advanced technology, powered by Telematics, monitors how you are driving, including acceleration, braking, cornering and speed. This information is sent back to us at Marmalade where we send our young drivers feedback on how they are driving and offer a free e-learning course to help develop driving skills. Unlike other insurance companies, we don't impose a curfew to our new drivers. This means cheaper insurance and more freedom for the young driver and reassurance for all of the parents.

To find out more about Marmalade and the insurance we offer for young drivers visit our new driver section and get a quote today.

Source: BBC Newsbeat

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