Stop buying new cars and save the environment – what a load of rubbish!


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 21 January 2014

Just when you think you've heard it all, you read something so absurd you just have to pass comment. This one is particularly laughable:

There was an article in the Telegraph recently about Government adviser Professor David MacKay.

According to Prof MacKay we need to stop buying new cars, fridges and washing machines and instead repair them when they breakdown, in a bid to save our environment.

Excuse the pun but what a load of rubbish!

These comments are just the sort of ridiculous ideology that shows up the establishment and gives us, the taxpayers, more fuel to question why we bother voting.

These comments in particular are so absurd that further down the same article there's even a comment from the energy department (Professor MacKay is the department's chief scientific officer) to point out these are the professor's 'personal view'.

Personal views or not, they have not been thought through and show someone totally out of touch with reality.

If the professor hadn't already noticed, it's a tough time for everyone at the moment and repairing something rather than replacing it is probably the first step anyone would consider, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances.

The same goes for cars. There's a whole industry of car mechanics, garages repairs and breakdown services that support vehicle repairs and upkeep.

Buying new cars puts safety first

We are not a throwaway society when it comes to cars but equally there comes a point when a car is not safe to continue to run. Is Professor MacKay suggesting drivers should continue to run them after this point?

We won't insure cars over six years old. Advances in technology and safety specifications mean that we want the best cars for young drivers. You can't put a price on safety, not even an environmental or energy-saving one.

While respecting the work of the professor, I'll leave the last word to one of his colleagues who is quoted in the same article - Peter Lilley, MP said the professor 'should either decide whether he's chief scientific adviser [at DECC] or whether he's going to join Friends of the Earth and knit his own socks'.

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