Staying safe on New Year's Eve


Posted by Chloe Martell on 28 December 2018

New Year’s Eve is a chance to let your hair down, and end the year with a bang. Whether you’re hosting a party, off to a friends house or heading out on the town – it’s always good to be prepared to get to and from your destinations without a glitch!

How can you stay safe?

Having a good time on New Year’s Eve is what we all want, but it’s more important that you and your loved ones are kept safe whilst the celebrations are happening! Here are some ways to keep everyone safe as you bring in the New Year!

Designated driver

Have a conversation with your friends and family before the New Year’s celebrations about one of you being a designated driver. If no one wants to take up the role, there are a few options – like arranging to spend the night at the host’s home!


Book in advance

If no one wants to be a designated driver, and you’re heading out on the town to celebrate the New Year, you’ll probably just plump for a taxi – right? Well, New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest nights for taxi drivers so it’s always best to book it in advance. That way you’ll see in the New Year stress-free!

What’s the weather like?

The weather can have an impact on any plans, and this doesn’t change on New Year’s Eve! If you’re thinking about heading out into town – be sure to check the weather report, as this can determine how you’re getting to and from your party hotspot! It’s also worth checking in with any designated drivers if they’re comfortable driving in adverse weather conditions should they need to. If not, why not consider staying in and hosting a party of your own?


Make a New Year’s resolution to be a better driver

The New Year is a time to make resolutions, and whether you stick to them or not, it’s a great time to consider new safe driving habits to take with you into 2019 and beyond! Whether it’s committing to getting high scores on all of your black box driving journeys or remembering to check your engine oil more often, there’s always room to improve our driving skills! Check out this list of suggestions for safe driving resolutions you can make!

  • No driving when tired
  • Keep up with car maintenance
  • Wash my car at least once this year
  • Park straight and between the lines
  • Clean out the rubbish in my car

The morning after

You may think that getting some sleep will be enough to allow you to drive again, but this isn’t the case. Even the morning after a heavy night out can still leave you under the influence and over the limit! One pint of beer takes roughly two hours to leave your system (however, this is dependent on your weight, gender, metabolism and food intake) so if you’ve consumed more than that in one evening, it’s likely to still be in your bloodstream hours later. Check out our full guide on driving under the influence of alcohol for more details!

We hope you all have a wonderful night celebrating, whatever your plans may be. Here is to a safe and exciting 2019!

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