Skid training will now become part of the driving test

skid training

Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 28 March 2017

After the recent proposal to allow learner drivers to get extra experience on the motorway. The government have now released plans to include handbrake turns as part of the driving test. The new multi-million pound scheme will mean working closely with specialist Driving Instructors to help learner drivers master the skill and use it in real life situations when carrying out manoeuvres such as parallel parking, cruising at high speeds round tight corners, and drifting round hairpin bends.

Questions have been asked how this will affect drivers who have black boxes in their cars as cornering is something that is highly monitored on telematics policies. Anita Farrte, a member of the Black Box Union Movement (BBUM) had this to say on the matter.

“Gradual use of pulling up the handbrake will naturally allow the car to manoeuvre round a bend in much safer manner without increasing the g-force providing it is done correctly. This is why it is imperative fully trained driving instructors can show learner drivers how to perfect this skill as opposed to them attempting it themselves with no experience when they have passed, and thus potentially causing an accident. Black box technology will be altered to recognise when a driver is using a handbrake turn to slow down round corners and therefore will not be considered as dangerous driving if done correctly and if used in moderation.”


Driving Test Success – A leading provider of revision aids for learner drivers are all for the new change to take place and believe that, much like skid pan training, handbrake turn tuition is something that should be included in the test, and is a manoeuvre a lot of uneducated youngsters perform these days unnoticed anyway – putting themselves at risk.

“After carrying out a survey last year, we know some drivers try to teach themselves handbrake turns, or worse…. each other, and get up to no good when they pass their test. Young drivers need to understand how to perform and use these skills properly in a practical situation – rather than to impress friends or show off with their skid marks – and more importantly, how to do so safely! We’re already in the process of making a virtual reality game which allow learner drivers to practice their handbrake turns “Tokyo Drift” style before they put these skills to the test in the real world!”

We do not yet know what learner drivers themselves think of the idea, but it has been confirmed the decision as to whether the proposal goes ahead or not will be finalised in parliament by 12:00pm on April 1st... ;)

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