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Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 02 May 2014

Bank holidays and good weather are the perfect mix for one thing - a great road trip. You may have been planning your weekend for months, but if you're still undecided and unprepared, why not check out our top five road trip recommendations?

Once your destination is set, make sure you follow our five essential pre-journey car checks, to make sure you trip is fun, fabulous and safe.


1) Cheddar Gorge - Somerset

Cheddar Gorge

The scenery in and around the West Country is something else, in particular a gentle cruise through the stunning Cheddar Gorge. There are also a wide variety of beautiful campsites for you and your friends to set up for the night, meaning you can wind down in the evening and enjoy a few local ciders (ensuring you drink responsibly if you're driving the next day).

Photo by David Fisher


2) Edinburgh


If you fancy something really exhilarating, why not take a drive across the Forth Road Bridge. Connecting Edinburgh to St Andrews, this is a spectacular drive with breath-taking views. There are plenty of smaller villages to explore between the two cities and the beauty of this road trip is you can either choose to stay in St. Andrews or head back to Edinburgh to soak up the city's vibrant arts culture is has to offer.

Photo by Peter Werkman


3) Isle of Man via Liverpool

Isle of Man

Why not spend a long weekend out on the Isle of Man, if long and winding country lanes are your thing, then the Isle of Man is the place for you. A two and half hour ferry journey from Liverpool will take you to the capital Douglas, where you can enjoy a booze-free pub lunch before hitting the famous TT Route - a stretch of road which is the route for one of the most famous motorcycle routes in the world. Finish the weekend in style by enjoying a night out and crashing at a local B&B!

Photo by Garret Coakley

4) London via Cambridge


This May Bank Holiday sees the return of Streetfest to East London. If you like Drum & Bass and all things urban culture then this is the road trip for you. Whichever route you use to come into London, there's a chance you'll have some beautiful scenery to absorb before getting to the festival and partying hard!

Photo by The National Student


5) Leeds via Peak District

Peak District

The Peak District boasts some of the country's most incredible natural landscapes, so why not take a detour through some beauty spots before heading to Leeds for the Live at Leeds Music Festival.

Photo by Eugene Regis


Five Essential Pre-Journey Trips

Once you've decided where you're going, there are five important things you need to check before you set off.

1) Check your tyres

Check tyres

Make sure your tyres are filled with air and in good condition before setting off on any long journey. Driving with bald tyres - those that are so worn down that they have almost no tread - is extremely dangerous and if you're caught by police driving with them, you risk having three points slapped on your licence.

Photo by Don LaVange


2) Check your electrics

Check electrics

Make sure all your electrics are in working order - give your lights, windscreen wipers and of course your air conditioning the once over before you start your journey. Checking that there are no warning lights showing on your dashboard is a good start.

Photo by ClearFrost


3) Look under the hood

Check engine

There is nothing worse than breaking down on a sunny bank holiday weekend. So, before you leave, top up your water and engine oil and check all of your fluids, including brake, windscreen washer, power steering, transmission fluids and of course fuel levels.

Photo by Asim Bharnwani


4) Plan your journey

Plan journey

Last thing you want on a road trip is to lose your way! It can be fun to explore places along the way on a road trip (temporarily of course) but make use you plan your route before you set off and ensure your family know your plans. Make sure you plan all postcodes and destinations into your sat nav and carry a good road map as back up - technology isn't infallible remember!

Photo by virtualtitus


5) Pack the Essentials

Pack essentials

As well as lots of snacks and a good selection of music, make sure you pack the essentials for any eventualities while on the road - your mobile phone and charger (with hands free or Bluetooth set up for the journey), bottled water, a torch and batteries, de-icer (this is the UK after all) a first aid kit, hazard triangle and blanket (for in case you break down).

Photo By Pug50


What do you think of the places above, have you been lucky enough to see any of the sights? If you're planning on going away for this Bank Holiday, let us know where your car takes you on Twitter @wearemarmlade!

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