Raise a marmalade sandwich in honour of Michael Bond!

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Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 28 June 2017

The world has lost a great role model today… The famous English children’s author Michael Bond has sadly passed away at the fruitful age of 91. Famous for the likes of “A Guinea Pig Named Olga da Polga”, the 1968 BBC television series “The Herbs”, and selling over 35 million books worldwide – Bond certainly left a legacy behind. Primarily in the form of a small furry creature dressed in human clothes who is obsessed with marmalade sarnies! In 2014 Studio Canal produced an up to date movie in homage of the nation’s most loved and adored bear – Paddington.

Let’s take a look back at some of the finest movie moments :)

I wouldn’t eat that if I were you!

The famous bathroom clip where Paddington appears to be brushing his “teeth” for the first time and instead ends up eating his own earwax, swallows half a bottle of mouthwash and causes absolute chaos and destruction in the bathroom. Does a bear s*%t in the woods? Nope… just everywhere else :P   

My name is

Certainly not Slim Shady if that’s what you’re thinking! Here Paddington dines with Mr Brown for the first time, shovelling cakes and guzzling pots of tea. When asked his name, Paddington introduces himself as “brrrrooooarr”! After Mr Brown tries to imitate the call, the little bear looks quite taken aback and accuses his saviour of being rude. I think it’s clear both bear and human do not make the greatest first impressions at this point! ;)

Why thank you ma’am!

Just when all hope seems lost, and all Paddington has to his name is a soggy Marmalade sandwich - one of the Queen’s guards unexpectedly takes him out of the rain and under his wing. Here the little bear’s eyes light up as the beefeater pulls out a full on afternoon tea set from his hat! Must be a bearskin thing ;) 

If you haven’t seen the full movie yet, we would highly recommend you give it a watch! It certainly is a fun, exciting and heartfelt experience for all the family :) also be sure to keep your eyes out for the next Paddington movie - due out in November this year!

RIP Michael Bond – Thank you for the Marmalade and thank you for one of the cutest, humblest and most exciting children’s characters ever made.

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