Pleased to see metro giving telematics some deserved headlines


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 26 September 2013

Thanks to last week's edition of the Metro which put telematics into the headlines, and people's thought processes, once again.

Here's the piece in case you missed it.

I did feel journalist Etan Smallman wanted to make a case for the 'Big Brother' brigade but actually as his piece unfolded, the stats and the quotes reinforced the sense behind this in-car technology.

America and Italy are streets ahead of us - telematics is a natural part of many motorists' lives out on the road there. And here, there is speculation the EU will introduce a compulsory installation in all new vehicles although the initial 2015 start date now appears to have been postponed.

I won't comment on the general marketplace but in my sector - young motorists - I really think that telematics can be a powerful tool to help with the problem. And for this reason I'm delighted the Metro gave it so many column inches last week.

The general public, not just young drivers, but their parents and siblings too, need to know such technology is available, and not because I'm hell bent on selling more policies to them - a large part of Marmalade's business is built upon this product because we know how good a product it can be for young drivers and their parents.

I've been encouraged this year by the number of invitations I've received to present and speak to industry leaders about the telematics process. To me, this is an important indicator that those within the profession are starting to take this technology more seriously, they can see the potential, and that's pleasing.

It's about safety first and foremost and making young people better drivers from an earlier age. Secondary is the potential to offer cheaper premiums.

Numbers of young drivers sitting their test are declining year on year. I wrote about this in March because to me, driving is a rite of passage for any young person who wants to learn, and I find the drop in numbers really disheartening - read my thoughts on this here.

Reasons for falling numbers are varied but we put the question to a sample of our own Facebook followers this summer and 'lack of finances' was firmly at the top of the list. You can find read more on these findings here.

Telematics may not be the silver bullet for getting more young drivers onto the road but it certainly addresses their on-going performance and driving experience once they've passed their test. And thanks to Metro news for giving it a plug!

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