On-the-spot motoring fines will encourage safer young drivers


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 09 July 2013

Minor motoring offences take on a whole new dimension in August with on-the-spot fines for careless drivers.

Motorway tailgaters, mobile phone abusers and middle lane hoggers will now be on the hit list for police and will have the power to issue £100 fines and three points for careless driving offences.

Fines for using a phone while driving or not wearing a seatbelt will also rise from £40 to £100.

The changes have been both welcomed and criticised.

The cynic says this quick route to justice could downplay the seriousness of an offence; there's also the argument that there are not enough traffic police on our roads today to enforce this anyway.

With my learner driver hat on (that's our customers and not me personally) I have to say, I welcome the changes. Any instant halt to an issue, or a chance to nip in the bud a bad driving habit, has to be good, especially at a young age.

Given the added risk that new drivers face of losing their licence if they start to notch up penalty points, there is more reason than ever for them to take care on our roads and the on-the-spot fine actually works as a further deterrent towards this.

There's no excuse for using a mobile phone, whatever your age. And middle-lane hoggers, in my experience, don't tend to be the younger generation!

With more traffic on our roads, safety becomes an ever increasing concern so if these changes go even a tiny way to making a difference, bring them on.

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