Marmalade sponsors brake’s road safety campaign, 2young2die


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 18 February 2014

As champions of young drivers, Marmalade is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of Brake's 2014 2young2die campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of road safety amongst young people, and Marmalade's financial support is another example of the insurance provider doing its bit to combat the risk on UK roads for teenagers.

Promoting road safety for young drivers

The 2young2die campaign is being launched by Brake, the national road safety charity, this month. The campaign is focused on promoting road safety amongst young drivers with national workshops, a competition and an awards ceremony. Along with the campaign launch, Brake is pleased to announce Marmalade as its funding partner.

Marmalade's sponsorship of the road safety campaign will enable Brake to run eight regional workshops, to promote young driver safety throughout 2014 and across the UK. On top of that, Marmalade's sponsorship will pay for a national competition, aimed at getting teenagers engaged with road safety by producing hard-hitting road safety adverts. The charity will announce the winner at the Houses of Parliament in an award ceremony, sponsored by Marmalade.

"Speaking out on road safety:Marmalade's support will help to make this happen"

Philip Goose, Brake's senior community engagement officer, said: "Both are great initiatives that schools, colleges, youth workers and other professionals can get involved in. We want to get as many young people as possible thinking and speaking out on road safety and Marmalade's support will help to make this happen. This is another example of Brake working with companies in the sector and we are delighted to welcome Marmalade on board."

Education can make a real impact towards improving road safety, and Marmalade notes that education is particularly relevant to young people learning to drive and those who have recently passed their test.

Crispin Moger, Managing Director of Marmalade, added: "Road safety is fundamental to us all. We set up Marmalade with the intent of ensuring the next generation of motorists get access to reduced premiums through safer driving. Our partnership with Brake means we can spread this message to an ever wider audience."

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