Marmalade gives a cautious welcome to green paper young driver safety delay


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 20 December 2013

Young driver insurance provider Marmalade has cautiously welcomed yesterday’s (Dec 19) news that the Government has postponed its consultation paper on young driver safety

“The Green Paper proposals will have major impact on young people as they enter the world of driving,” said Crispin Moger, Managing Director at Marmalade.

“While we want to see young driver safety addressed and, ultimately improved through new legislation if necessary, we would sooner ministers took further time to consult and consider the facts and the implications of their proposals before rushing ahead with any rash suggestions.”

Registered charity, the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), claims the Government has done a U-turn and is putting politics before the safety of young people, choosing to leave the issue in the ‘too difficult pile’

But Marmalade hopes the postponement will allow organisations like its own to campaign further for the Green Paper options to include wider reaching solutions, including telematics.

“We don’t agree with the idea of curfews but a probationary period and requirements for more practice during this time, are sensible,” added Moger.

“We also believe telematics (a black box) could have a part to play and should be a consideration alongside the other suggestions being put forward.”

Marmalade provides telematics cover to thousands of 18-24 year olds across the UK and finds consistently high driving performances* recorded through the black box system which it says is evidence that telematics provides a positive controlled deterrent to dangerous driving. While in this controlled environment, young drivers are also gaining experience and becoming better motorists, insists Marmalade.

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