Learning the ways of the road - my journey so far


Posted by Bobby Hopkinson on 15 June 2016

So, I am now a few lessons in to my driving journey and so far it's been great, really positive and I have found that despite what all my sisters, my girlfriend and Mum say, I can listen to instructions and have enjoyed learning new stuff. I really look forward to my lessons and now my AS exams are out the way I feel I can really concentrate on my driving this summer and get as much practice done in between my lessons as possible.

My first lesson last month went better than I expected. I was pretty nervous and with having a few mates that have already passed their tests the pressure felt like it was on. But my instructor, Bob Seys of Route One School of Motoring explained that learning to drive is a not a competition but should be a fun process, and it's seeming that way already.

Driving myself into adulthood

On my first lesson with Bob I drove myself to school which was pretty cool. It was a bit surreal pulling up outside the gates where I would usually get dropped off by Mum!

What I am finding I really enjoy is the thrill of being behind the wheel and driving familiar roads that I usually travel as a passenger,- it feels so different being in control of the car and feeling independent, driving myself. I do get a bit of an adrenaline kick to be honest - I mean it's not quite like a Rugby match when I have a 15 stone lad coming at me for a tackle but it feels great! I almost feel like an adult!

I have been on the dual carriageway already and I have driven at the 70 mph limit which was daunting at first, but, as you're keeping up with the rest of the traffic it doesn't actually feel like you're driving too fast. Moving up the gears to get the higher speeds took some getting used to. I especially struggled a little with switching to fifth gear but I made it in the end, which made my instructor and me smile!

Less breaking more braking!

My braking has improved a lot since driving with my brother-in-law (the incident when I broke his car:) but it seems with practice and patience there isn't much you can't learn with driving, which is a great feeling. It's not like you're just born a "natural driver"! To be fair there isn't much that is natural about driving a big machine on tarmac, but keeping calm and listening to the person who knows what they're talking about all helps a lot!

I look forward to sharing some more of my experiences with you all soon!

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Bobby Hopkinson

Hello, my name is Bobby I am 18, I passed my text just before my 18th birthday. I am still in sixth form and enjoying the new found freedom of driving myself to my girlfriends house, the rugby club and the gym!